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Day 491: Rejection, Schmejection (the sequel)

Yesterday, I received an email that included this:

Thank you for submitting your work for consideration for BlogHer’s 7th annual Voices and Photos of the Year. We received a record number of submissions this year (more than 2,500) and had an amazing time reading each and every one of them!

I wanted to let you know that we’ll be announcing the Voices and Photos of the Year honorees today on, and that your submission(s) has not been selected this year. If you submitted multiple posts, you will only receive one email for all submissions.


About 11 months ago, I wrote a post named “Day 165: Rejection, Schmejection.”  That post:

  • was one of the shortest ones I’ve written,
  • described a situation I could have labeled a personal rejection, and
  • referred to my then-15-year-old son recovering from a sudden lung illness, which had required him to be briefly hospitalized.

I could point to several parallels between those two points in time  — 6/14/13 and yesterday —  including this one:  Yesterday morning, my son reported an ailment that seemed concerning. So we went to his doctor’s office.

He is fine.  The nurse we saw, named Marie, said we were smart to come in.

Here are some photos from that doctor’s office visit, yesterday:


This was hanging on the wall of the examining room.  The medical assistant told us that Marie has brought back several wall hangings, like that one, from a country she likes to visit. I’m thinking maybe it was Peru, but I’m not sure (I was distracted at the time).


Another wall hanging in the examining room. When I saw that, I thought, that would have made a great visual for my recent May Day post!  The medical assistant pointed this out to us (which I doubt I would have noticed on my own): Somebody is chopping down the tree.

Here’s a close-up of the action:


However, that tree is still standing.

Also on the wall of the exam room:


Marie was wonderful — thorough, empathic, thoughtful, and respectful —  throughout the exam. Afterwards, we accepted several gracious invitations to look at wall hangings in other rooms.


Even though I thought I took a picture yesterday of one of Marie’s favorites, which had terrific details (including eyes on potatoes) …. there’s no such photo on my iPhone. Drat!

However, I can show you Marie, with another wall hanging, in her office:


As a bonus, we also saw my son’s doctor, Dr. Deborah Bershel, on our way out.


It was great to see her, and to let her know how much we appreciated Marie.

Here’s one more shot from yesterday, when we were returning to the car:



Thanks to people who are as perfect as they can be; to BlogHer for many things, including recognizing bloggers I read and admire (e.g., Aussa Lorens and Eli from Coach Daddy);  to Marie, Dr. Bershel, and the rest of the excellent staff at Davis Square Family Practice; and to you — of course! — for reading today.

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