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Day 758: Tests

How do you feel about tests, dear readers?

Feel free to comment with an essay, below. You can also skip that essay question and

a. answer the rest of the tests in this post,

b. answer some of the tests in this post, or

c. ignore every friggin’ test in this post.

Test #1: How did this exact line


appear on my computer screen?

a. My cat did my homework by stepping on my laptop.

b. I was experimenting with different keys, to test my knowledge of special characters.

c.  Somebody was showing me a math equation, much like somebody else tested me at work last week.


d.  I’m not sure, because that string of characters suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

e.  None of the above.

Test # 2: Put the following photographs — taken yesterday during a blizzard — in order, chronologically.

Photo A:


Photo B:


Photo C:


Photo D:


Photo E:


Test #3: If a cat were to type on somebody’s keyboard, which one would it be?

IMG_4926 IMG_4939

Cat A


Cat B


Cat C

Test #4: The writer of this post is taking some tests this afternoon. What kinds of tests will those be?

a. Math tests.

b. Tests of strength.

c. Cardiac tests.

d. Tests of patience.

e. Driving tests.

f. English tests.

g.  All of the above.

h. None of the above.

Test #5: These boots


a. Are made for walking.

b. Are made for shoveling.

c. Look like a bunch of layered socks.

d. Are waterproof.

e. Are found in fine department stores everywhere.

f. Are to die for.

g. (a) (c ) and (d) only.

h. (b)  only under duress and depending upon results of other tests.

i. Usually sit in a closet.

Test #6: One of these songs fits this post best. Which  is it?

a. Crash Test Dummies‘ “MMM MMM MMM MMM”  (found here on YouTube).

b. Loudon Wainwright III singing  his composition “School Days”  (here on YouTube).

c. Stanley Clarke playing his composition “School Days” (on YouTube here).

d. “ABC” by The Jackson 5  (here on YouTube).

Extra Credit: The writer of this blog saw a live performance of one of those songs. Which one was it?

Thanks to all humans and cats helping me write, test, and publish this post. And thanks to you — of course! — for taking the tests you choose, here and now.

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