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Day 1052: The coolest

I think my readers are the coolest.

Recently, two of them made the coolest comments:

Hey — you seem like a cool cat! That line of work must be very challenging. I admire your consistent, long-running posts, too 🙂 — cmblackwood

Miles Davis for me. He was so cool, if he was alive today global warming wouldn’t be a problem! — Paul S.

Also,  fellow WordPresser  coffeegrounded did the coolest thing: she honored me with the coolest award (even though I don’t do anything with cool WordPress awards besides appreciating them).

What’s the coolest thing somebody has done for you, lately?

I’m trying to decide what my coolest activity might be, today:

  1. Individual therapy, where I work.
  2. Group therapy, which is the coolest therapy (I believe) because “the more the merrier.”
  3. Getting fitted for a dental device for my sleep apnea, which will be much cooler ( I hope) than the C-Pap and Bi-Pap machines I’ve been using through some coolest and warmest months.
  4. Getting my teeth cleaned, pre-medicating with some cool oral antibiotics rather than the intravenous antibiotics I’ve had to use over many of the coolest years around here, in Massachusetts.
  5. Attending a board meeting of one of the coolest professional organizations of group therapists.

Which of these photos from yesterday is the coolest?

Personally, I think it’s the coolest to challenge habitual assumptions and ways of thinking — that’s why I wrote that prescription.

Which of these cool songs is the coolest, to you?

I think having several choices is the coolest.

Coolest thanks to cmblackwood, Paul S., coffeegrounded, Gwen Stefani, Alesso, West Side Story,  all those who help make my life the coolest, and  you — of course! — for being here, now (which is the coolest place to be).

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Day 773: Getting warmer

I am so looking forward to flying to California in two days to get warmer.

California will definitely be warmer than Boston, these days.

Here’s an unexpected way I’ve been getting warmer.  I’m running another fever.

Sometimes when I’m upset and  having catastrophizing thoughts, like “I won’t be able to fly to California on Saturday!” I feel warmer, too.

I’m trying to stay cool about all this, by letting my doctors know, staying home from work today, and letting go of worst-case thinking.

I’ve also been feeling uncool this morning, because none of the photos I took yesterday on my iPhone are loading to my laptop. I thought I’d be getting warmer to fixing that problem by using a new cable, but the photos still won’t load.

That’s okay. I’m staying cool about that, too, by including these never-before-blogged photos, demonstrating how Boston is a long way from getting warmer:

IMG_5383 IMG_5384 IMG_5388 IMG_5405 IMG_5413 IMG_5418

What song would help with getting warmer today?

(This cool scene from West Side Story found here on YouTube.)

Thanks to all who keep their cool when things get warm and to you — of course! — for the warmth of your visit here today.

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