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Day 500: Momentous

As usual, it’s much easier for me to choose a title, than decide how I’m going to write today’s blog post.

When I thought of today’s title, I was unaware of one of its most obvious applications: today’s number.


Numbers with zeros naturally seem more momentous, don’t they?  Which might seem paradoxical, because zero  means …. nothing.*

I’m happy with the title of this post. I think it really fits, today. But, I’m not sure how I’m going to shape today’s post (just like all those previous 499 blogging days).

Today, however, there might be a little bit more pressure … because of the title.  That is, what if this post does NOT live up to its title? What if it’s not … momentous?

Now, momentous  (especially if I write it with one of my beloved hyphens — “moment-ous”) might just mean … being in the moment.  THAT I can do.

But, IMPORTANT. How important can I make this post? And “important” to whom?  When? Where? In what way?   This post’s importance depends on so many things, most of which I can’t control.

Allow me, dear reader, one more digression —  to a particularly momentous post, for me. Here’s  Day 95: A Startlingly Short Post, in its entirety:


We are neither as unimportant or as important as we fear.


© 2013 Ann Koplow

Just days ago, I was trying to design a t-shirt, regarding that post.

Time out! What moment am I in, right now? Am I in Day 500, Day 95, or earlier this week?

I’m in all of them, and more.

Which  (finally!) leads me to the main event: what’s inspiring today’s post.

Yesterday, I met up with somebody who was momentously important to me, when I was in college.

And in the moments I spent with him yesterday, I had a sense of multiple visions:  Awareness of what was going on in the moment, along with echoes, overlays, and memories of moments from the past.

Right now, I’m thinking about the momentous-ness of these kinds of reunions. Over the course of human history, how many people have created stories, essays, songs, poems, paintings, etc. about encountering somebody — or something — important from the past?

A huge number. WAY more than 500, I would say … many of them quite accomplished and famous.

Marcel Proust, for one.  Dan Fogelberg, with “Same Auld Lang Syne.”

You may be thinking of different examples, instead.

How can I follow acts like those?

In my typical ways, of course.

Way #1: Composing a list.

My thoughts about yesterday’s meeting:

  • I’m glad this person was in my life, exactly how he was, in college.
  • When we separated, back then, it was painful.
  • I learned a lot, from all the moments with him — happy, painful, all of them.
  • I wouldn’t change a thing.
  • I’m happy we met, yesterday.

Way #2: Sharing images.

I’m not showing photos, here, of my ex-bf (or whatever else I might call him).  However, here are some photos I took yesterday, while I was with him:







 After we parted yesterday, here are some photos I took (as usual, in order of appearance):














And, finally, one more photo from yesterday evening, with Michael:


Thanks to all my momentous connections and relationships, to Marcel Proust, Dan Fogelberg, etc., and to you — of course! — for your important visit, today.


* Talk about deja vu: I think I may have made this same momentous point — about zeros and numbers —  in a previous post.  Which is bound to happen, people. I’ve written 500 of these friggin’ things!

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