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Day 1773: Regrets

Even though I talk to people about regrets at work, I have never written a blog post with “regrets” in the title. I guess you could say this (almost) five-year-old daily blog has no regrets.

At work — where I practice individual therapy, group therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing —  I invite people to let go of regrets, because regrets are about past actions (or inactions) and we cannot change the past.

In the spirit of the late Peter Sellers — who said that the only regret he had in life was seeing the movie The Magus – the only regret I have, here and now,  is installing the latest Apple update on my iPhone.  Considering how long I’ve lived, only one regret is pretty good.

I have no regrets about the photos I took yesterday.









Here’s a Cole Porter tune about regrets, sung by the great Ethel Waters:

Any regrets?  There’s room for them (and anything else) in the comments section below.

Miss Koplow regrets she’s unable to share a new photo expressing her thanks to all who helped her create this post and — of course! — to you. She lets go of that regret by sharing an old photo.


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Day 1616: Beyond this moment

Many people believe that this moment is the best, safest, and only real place to be. If we go beyond this moment into the future, we might experience anxiety and dread.  If we go beyond this moment into the past, we might experience regret and depression. Beyond that, if we go beyond this moment, we’ll miss all the beautiful richness of this moment.

I’m going beyond this moment to a moment from yesterday:


In that case,  beyond this moment sounds like fun.

Let’s now go beyond that moment to these other moments from yesterday.









Music and dance might take us beyond this moment.

From those moments on, Bob Fosse was a dance superhero.

Beyond this moment, I’m looking forward to momentous comments from my readers.

For now, let’s not go beyond this moment of sincere gratitude for all who helped me create the moments in this post and — of course! — for YOU.

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