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Day 1020: So Close

As I’m typing this “So Close” post, my cat Oscar is SO close to me. My phone is NOT so close, so close down any expectation of seeing an in-the-moment photo of that. However, this other photo is so close to my current experience, that I’ll share it:

Photo on 9-15-15 at 6.50 PM

I hope Oscar’s not so close to biting my fingers — as he often is when he’s so close while I’m so close to my blog, every morning.

Oscar likes to get so close to me and my boyfriend Michael, every day. He’s also fearless about getting so close to strangers, vacuum cleaners, and our downstairs neighbor’s dog, Faxy.


Oscar’s behaviors are not so close to other cats I’ve been so close to.

I know there were other reasons why I chose the title “So Close” today, but I’m not so close to remembering those, right now.

Was it about being so close

  • to cold and snow, here in Boston, Massachusetts?
  • to collecting data to publish an article about my therapy groups?
  • to putting down a deposit on an office which is so close to my home, so I can do even more therapy groups, which are so close to my heart?
  • to finishing my thesis for a masters in Film Studies at Boston University in the 1980s, but never completing it?
  • to forgiving people who have hurt me, including a doctor at Children’s Hospital in the 1960s?
  • to superstar Jackie Chan, at a fan event  in the 1980s, when he was so close to becoming so famous in the U.S. (instead of just being the #1 movie star in Hong Kong, China, and other major parts of the world that are so close to us)?
  • to singing sensation Clay Aiken in a 2007 performance of the musical Spamalot on a Broadway, because I was the lucky audience member sitting so close that I was chosen to come up on stage and be so close to the action for so close to 10 minutes?

Because I’m so close to quoting Wikipedia whenever I’m so close to Oscar and to my keyboard, writing my daily posts, I shall now insert this quote about the musical Spamalot:

A large stone block showing a combination of letters and numbers is also revealed. (The letters are based on the seat numbering system used by each theatre. They are changed from performance to performance to discourage audience members from intentionally booking any of the possible seats. The seat is typically on the aisle in one of the first few rows nearest the orchestra. In the Broadway production and on the tour it is either A101, B101, C101 or D101; i.e., Seat 101 – which is house right of the center aisle – of Rows A, B, C, or D.[3] In the West End Production a word is revealed – DONE, CONE or BONE, referring to D1, C1 and B1 respectively.) After pondering the final clue, Arthur admits that they’re “a bit stumped with the clue thing” and asks God to “give them a hand”. A large hand points to the audience and Arthur realises that the letters and numbers refer to a seat number in the audience. The grail is “found” (with some sleight of hand) under the seat and the person sitting in the seat is rewarded with a small trophy and a polaroid photo. (“The Holy Grail”).

Because that quote is not so close to capturing how much fun it is to be so close to the actors on stage during a performance of Spamalothere’s a photo so close to me:


I am so close, but yet so far, from why I initially started this “So Close” post, which is this:

Last night,  two items for side-position sleeping were so close to me as I was so close to falling asleep.  Throughout the night, I was so close to retrieving the side-positioning pillow and the McGyvered backpack I’ve been using. But I never did.

Why, sometimes, are we so close but so far from taking a small action we know will help us?

Are you so close to leaving a comment, at this point?

I am so close to finishing this post, but I still haven’t included any photos I took yesterday, when I was so close to all these things:

IMG_5980 IMG_5981 IMG_5982 IMG_5985 IMG_5986 IMG_5987 IMG_5990 IMG_5993 IMG_5994 IMG_5995 IMG_5996 IMG_5997 IMG_5998

Now that I’ve shared those all-new images, what music am I so close to including here?

Inspired by one of the photos so close, above, I am taking the small action of resharing this video, where Tom Waits is so close to sounding like the Cookie Monster:

I am so close to laughing whenever I watch God’s Away on Business, created by somebody who is so close to being a total genius.

Now, I am so close to finally finishing this post! Here’s another all-new photo, from yesterday:


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