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Day 2436: What do we want to remember?

When I search my old posts for “What do we want to remember?” the only thing that comes up is Day 454: My brain is like a sieve. This might be a bad sign, since what’s on my brain today is how to memorize and remember the words of my 5-minute “Ted Talk” for my college reunion in three weeks.

I want to remember that …

  • I don’t have to be perfect delivering my speech, even though I sometimes felt like I had to be perfect to keep up with the other people at my Ivy League school.
  • perfect is the enemy of good.
  • I can look at my notes during my speech.
  • I have been able to memorize the words of all my original songs, forgetting the lyrics only once.
  • I will be talking about traumatic memories in my speech, so I need to be extra kind to myself about this.
  • I will be finishing my speech by talking about this blog and my wonderful readers.
  • I am the only one who can put unrealistic pressure on myself.
  • nobody hearing my speech will be wanting me to fail.
  • I will be returning, after my speech, to people who will not love me any less if my talk does not go well.

Do you want to remember any of the photos I took yesterday?
















If you want to remember songs that have the word “Remember” in the title, see here and here.

Here and now, while I was searching for a song I wanted to remember for this post, I just heard  that an old friend, whom I was wanting to see at our school reunion, died yesterday. 

I will always remember Hillel, my very good friend. He and I shared many memories, starting in 7th grade.

What do we want to remember?  Those we love.

In the midst of pain and loss, I want to remember to always express my gratitude to you.


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