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Day 1065: Your choice

Yesterday, at the end of a day when I had previously chosen not to take photos, I saw this:


It was my choice to turn my car around and choose that image for today’s post.

“Your choice” triggered lots of associations, including the following (which I choose to share).

I believe it is my choice, every day, to choose:

  • kindness towards others,
  • kindness towards myself,
  • the people in my life,
  • what words I use,
  • the music I hear,
  • the ways I heal,
  • the support I give,
  • the food I eat,
  • appreciation for the present moment,
  • life,
  • hope,
  • reality,
  • acceptance,
  • forgiveness,
  • joy whenever possible,
  • my  post titles, and
  • blogging every day.

After choosing “Your Choice” for today’s image, I also choose these photos:

Now, it’s your choice what choice to choose next.

It’s my choice to thank those who give us room to choose, lights in the darkness, and you — of course! — for your choice to visit here, today.

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