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Day 1634: Warnings

WARNING:  This post has warnings in it.

Yesterday, my EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapist, George, talked to me about my over-developed mental warning system.

WARNING: I keep forgetting what “EMDR” stands for and I have to look it up every time I write about it (like here and here).

George gave me an important warning, yesterday, in our therapy session. He warned that I give myself this warning way too much:

I have to hyper-vigilantly protect myself against the world’s incompetence, ignorance, hostility, lack of understanding, ambivalence, negligence, etc.,  in order to get my needs met and to survive.

WARNING: I write important warnings down so I can remember them.

George warned me that these constant warnings are probably bad for my health. He suggested I tell myself this instead:

I am safe. I have everything I need.

Do you see any warnings in my photos from yesterday?











WARNING: If children scare you, be warned that The Warning is a hard-rock band of three young sisters from Monterey, Mexico. Here‘s The Warning’s TED talk (and play):


WARNING: This writer loves comments on her posts, which you can leave below.

WARNING: I have everything I need, here and now, thanks to all who helped me create this post with warnings and — of course! — to YOU.

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Day 1191: You feel like you’re on thin ice, but you’re on solid ground

Recently, I wrote this on my whiteboard at work:

You feel like you’re on thin ice,

But you’re on solid ground.

I wrote that for somebody in a therapy session.

What I wrote also applies to myself and to several people I love.

Why do we feel like we’re on thin ice, when we’re on solid ground?

We all have our reasons to feel that way, but those reasons have to do with what we’ve experienced in THE PAST,  when we believed we were safe  on solid ground and the unexpected — or even traumatic — happened.

In the moment, we are all on solid ground, even if it doesn’t feel that way.

How do I know we’re all on solid ground?

Well, even though there are plenty of people out there who tell us, every day, that there are dangers all around us, nobody is claiming that all the solid ground  is about to

  • dissolve,
  • collapse,
  • blow up, or
  • otherwise give us nowhere to be.

I wonder if any of the photos I took yesterday will help us believe that we’re on solid ground, no matter how it feels?


I feel like I’m on thin ice (and snow), but  I’m on solid ground, April 5, 2016.

How are you feeling now? I hope you know you’re on solid ground here.

Thanks to all who feel like they’re on thin ice and to those who are on solid ground, including you!

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