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Day 2326: Things, Life, and People

When I was doing a lot of things yesterday with one of the people I love, I noticed this sign at an exhibit about the art and life of Frida Kahlo at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts:


I really love that quote from Frida Kahlo:

I really love things, life, and people, and I don’t want people to die.  I’m not afraid of death, but want to live.”

I also love that today’s blog post title allows me to easily include any things or people I choose from my life, including this list a person made three nights ago when she couldn’t sleep:

Messages from the Internal Critic

That’s boring.

You’re repeating yourself.

Nobody cares.

You’re being foolish.

That doesn’t make sense.

You’re making people uncomfortable.

If you bother people, they’ll go away.

You don’t know how to take care of yourself.

You don’t know how to take care of other people.

You’re too selfish.

You’re not thinking enough about other people’s feelings.

You’re stupid.

That’s a stupid thing to say.

That was a thoughtless thing to say.

You should have known better.

You’re confusing people.

You’re taking too long.

You’re rushing.

You’re making things worse.

You’re wasting money.

You’re being cheap.

You’re doing harm.

You’re attracting harm.

You’re showing off.

You’re bragging.

You’re not being careful enough.

You make bad decisions.

You choose the wrong people.

You’re a pushover.

You’re too aggressive.

You’re too trusting.

You’re too paranoid.

You’ll get into trouble.

You’ll get somebody else into trouble.

If you do that, you’ll make somebody mad.

You’re making too much noise.

You’re taking up too much space.

I think all the things  internal critics say are taking up too much space in people’s life.  What do you think, people?

Here are some recent photos of things, life, and people:

Here’s some thing I hope people know: you can click on any of those photos to enlarge the life in them.

Because I’m silencing my internal critic, I don’t mind repeating the photo of these people,  whom I’ve been visiting at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts for most of my life:


Here are things about the lives of those two people:


Here are two photos that my friend Deb took of things, life, and people:



There are many things posted by many people about the life of Frida Kahlo on YouTube, but I choose  to share this video:

and this one:

People can share their thoughts and feelings about things, life and people, below.

One of my favorite things in life is expressing gratitude for the people who help me create this daily blog, including YOU.

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