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Day 1963: A Remarkable Journey

I find it remarkable that in this nineteen-hundred-and-sixty-three-day blogging journey,  I’ve used the word “Journey” in only one other title — Day 1463: Sea Journey.  It’s also remarkable to me that I’m writing “A Remarkable Journey” on day 1963, because 1963 has been the most remarkable year in my personal, remarkable journey.

On my remarkable journey yesterday, I saw the inspiration for today’s title.


I did call 617-895-4085, pressed 103#, and learned about the remarkable journey of the remarkable bonsai trees at Boston’s Arnold Arboretum.

Learning about the Larz Anderson Bonsai Collection was only one part of my remarkable journey yesterday, when I walked 27,358 steps/12.95 miles, starting with a single step.


I got those remarkable macaroni-and-cheese socks in NYC last weekend. Notice that my remarkable journey of healing my torn rotator cuff continues at ATI physical therapy.

It’s truly remarkable to me that I took all my photos on my remarkable journey yesterday thinking that the name of today’s post would be “Fancy Colors.” 

As I was on my remarkable journey yesterday, I heard the remarkable “Fancy Colours” by Chicago.

Next month, I will be taking a remarkable journey to Chicago with my son.

Any remark you make below will make this remarkable journey even more remarkable.

While every remarkable journey starts with a single step, every remarkable blogging journey here ends with gratitude.  Thanks to all who help me with all my remarkable journeys, including YOU.




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Day 1719: Distractions

I will try to avoid and ignore distractions as I write this blog post on “Distractions.”

Actually, aren’t writing and also reading blog posts distractions themselves?

Last night, in a therapy group, people who were somewhat distracted focused on the topic of “Distractions.”




I wrote more, last night, about distractions, including compiling a distracting list of “bad” and “good” distractions.  I’m not too distracted to remember that my list of good distractions included taking photographs.







Phones appeared on most people’s descriptions of distractions.   I wrote that any “good” distraction can turn into a “bad”distraction if we can’t control it.

Music was also on my list of “good” distractions. When I walk to and from work, I distract myself by listening to music.  This distracting music showed up yesterday:

Distractions can help relieve AND also add to anxiety.  Sudden endings can be distractions, too.

Also, I tried to record the sounds and sights of the ocean last weekend and then was too distracted to share that brief clip.  I hope this is a good distraction.

If you’re not too distracted, consider sharing your thoughts and feelings about distractions below.

Nothing can distract me from thanking all who help me write these distracting blog posts and — of course! — YOU.


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