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Day 807: Cherish

I cherish:

  • my son,
  • my boyfriend Michael,
  • the delicious food Michael cooks for us,

  • my family and friends,

  • waking up to another day,
  • my very unusual heart and the more mundane parts of me,
  • the time I spend every day creating a blog post,
  • your time and attention,
  • our cats,

  • fresh fruit,

  • chocolate,

  • silliness,
  • my ability to exercise,

  • the things I see around me, no matter what the weather,

  • art,

  • things I see at home,

  • all my memories (even the difficult ones),
  • all the faces I’ve seen (no matter what their expressions),

  • the work I get to do with people in group and individual therapy,

  • books,

  • and, last but not least, music. 

I cherish both versions of “Cherish” by Pat Metheny and by the Association (and I cherish how easy they were to find on YouTube). 

What do you cherish?

Cherishing thanks to all in this post and — naturally! — to cherished you (and the cherished time you spent here today). 

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