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Day 1657: Cheese/Cloth

For our move on Monday, we’re packing up everything we’re holding on to, including this:


Because of my cheesy mind, I noticed cheese AND cloth for the rest of the day (as well as a few other things). Do any of these photos make you smile as wide as saying “Cheese”?





















I do love cheese, so maybe we’ll get a pizza tonight after another arduous day of packing.

In the meantime, here‘s a cheesy song.


Thanks to all who helped me create another cheesy post and to you — of course! — for reading it.


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Day 1038: Determined

I am determined to tell you, immediately, why this post is titled “Determined.”


Now that I’m determined to examine that image — which I determined to take yesterday  —  I’ve determined that it does NOT say “TBD,” which stands for To Be Determined.  Instead, it says “TBA.”

Are we determined to discover what “TBA” stands for?

I’m determined to stay focused on “determined” today.

I’m determined to tell you that since my esteemed colleague, Mary, determined to retire from the hospital where we both work, we’ve been determined to find a wonderful therapist to fill her place. We’ve determined that nobody can really replace Mary, but we’re determined to find somebody special.   Even though we’ve been determined to interview many determined people over many determined weeks, that list of determined therapists still reads “TBA,” (which I’m determined, now, to announce means “To Be Announced”).

I’m determined to hope that we announce, very soon,  that we’ve determined that a determined, creative, empathic, and lovely person has determined to join us.

I’ve determined that I have other determined thoughts about “determined”:

  • I’m determined to meet with somebody today about renting office space, so I can offer my therapy groups to people who have determined  to not have their determined doctors at that Boston hospital where I work.
  • I’m determined to help myself and others focus on self care, which studies have determined promotes longer and happier lives for those who are determined to do so.
  • Being determined doesn’t mean focusing on one thing to the exclusion of all others.
  • I am determined to have adult-to-adult interactions with people, so they can determine priorities and options in their lives.
  • It has yet to be determined what college my son is going to next year.
  • I’m determined to facilitate a therapy group of determined people, this morning, at the hospital where my new co-worker is yet to be determined and announced.
  • For the month of November, I’ve announced that I’m determined to post every day, along with other determined bloggers.
  • Here are more determined photos, from yesterday:

IMG_6501 IMG_6502IMG_6505 IMG_6506 IMG_6508 IMG_6510 IMG_6511 IMG_6512

It’s TBD what I’m wearing to work today, but I’ve determined it won’t be what’s pictured above, since I determined to wear that yesterday.

Do you think this post is over determined?

It’s TBD and TBA what determined music I’m determining for this determined post.

Patience, please, while this is determined.

Some cheesy music by the determined and talented Tim Minchin has determined to stay in my head.

I’m determined to share it again, since I’ve determined that most people weren’t determined enough to play it two days ago.

What thoughts, feelings, or music might you be determined to share, here and now?

Determined thanks to all who helped me create this determined post and to you — of course! — for being determined enough to read it.

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