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Day 1136: More comfort zones

About a year ago, I was comfortable enough to write a post named “Comfort Zones.”

Yesterday, a therapy group at work  was comfortable enough to focus in on comfort zones. And I was enough in the zone to take all these photos:





Which of those photos zone more into comfort zones for you?

Every day, I’m moving into more comfort zones about

  • working,
  • playing,
  • singing,
  • writing,
  • speaking,
  • being comforted, and
  • comforting others

… by challenging AND inhabiting my comfort zones.

More comfortable thanks to all who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for your comforting presence.

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Day 809: Comfort Zones

At a therapy group last night, we focused on the topic of comfort zones.

People spoke, wrote, and drew images about comfort, discomfort, and challenging/going outside of their comfort zones.

Here’s something else I wrote, yesterday, on a whiteboard in the comfort zone of my office, hoping to reduce the discomfort caused by the uncomfortable cognitive distortion of mind-reading:

Here are some comfort  zones I saw yesterday:

I’m still not completely in a comfort zone with this sleep machine:

…. but I got enough comfortable sleep last night. That’s comforting, because

  1. I  am going outside my comfort zone this evening, when I sing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” at a party and
  2. immediately after that, I’ll be seeing the comfortably funny while seemingly uncomfortable comedian, Steven Wright.

Why is singing in public a discomfort zone for me? Because of this: when I was very young, I zoned out on stage and forgot the lyrics while I was singing, once.

No matter what happens this evening, I hope to increase my comfort zone about singing in public.

It is well within my comfort zone to post videos in this blog. So, here’s an in-the-zone, a capella street version of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” (also in a comfort zone at YouTube).

Also from The YouTube Zone, here is Steven Wright’s first 1982 appearance on the Tonight Show, when he left behind the comfort zone of the local Boston comedy clubs:

What are your thoughts about comfort, discomfort, and comfort zones?

Comfortable thanks to lions and cats, sleep and sleep machines,  A Capella Soul, Steven Wright, people who work on decreasing their discomfort and increasing their comfort in group and individual therapy, those who are brave enough to leave their comfort zones, and you — of course! — for visiting this blogging zone, today.

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