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Day 3149: Respites

In order to maintain our energy, we all need respites from fear, worry, injustice, uncertainty, and doubt.

We need respites from anxiety about the future and regrets about the past.

We need respites from harsh criticism from others and from ourselves, from perfectionism and hyper-vigilance.

We need respites from the harsh realities we see around us.

While we may believe that we always need to be on alert during dangerous times, we need respites to move forward effectively.

Do you see respites in my images for today?

Here’s what I find when I search YouTube for “respites”:

I look forward to the respites of your comments about this “respites” post.

Gratitude is always a source of respites, so thanks to all who help me find respite in blogging, including YOU!

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Day 3148: What’s in a name?

I’ve been thinking about names because of our new cat.

This adorable, wonderful, sweet, chill, loving kitty was named Ginger by the adoption agency that rescued her, her sisters, and their many kittens from the street.

My husband, whose name is Michael, said he wanted an unusual name for a cat, so Ginger was out. Michael strongly suggested the name Meredith, but my son, whose name is Aaron, and I both thought that would be too hard to say.

Michael then came up with other girls’ names he thought would be unusual for a cat, including Phyllis. Aaron and I suggested other names we thought would be unusual for a cat, including Blanche. Michael vetoed all of our suggestions according to some secret knowledge of common and uncommon cat names that will remain nameless.

When Michael came up with Joan, Aaron and I agreed that would be a fine and unusual name for a cat, and easy to say. Michael warned us that if we called her “Joanie,” he would add an “ie” to our names, too.

I don’t like being called “Annie,” so I have complied with Michael’s request.

Michael was right about the name Joan being unusual for a cat. Every time I tell people her name, they react. Usually, they say, “JOAN?!” Sometimes, they add something positive, like “I love that.”

I love puns and Michael and Aaron do not, so they don’t know that I sometimes add the name “Clawford” when I’m talking to and about Joan. Also, Michael’s brother’s full name is Martin Sloane Malone, so I sometimes call Joan “Joan Sloane Malone.” Michael has no problem with that.

In the meantime, Joan, by any other name, would be as sweet.

I asked this question on Twitter last night:

While some people have responded with “my parents!”, others have told interesting stories about the origin of their names.

How did you get your name?

When I search YouTube for “Joan,” I find another reason to love that name. One of my favorite TED talks — “Emotional Mastery: The Gifted Wisdom of Unpleasant Feelings” — is by Dr. Joan Rosenberg.

My name is Ann Judith, I was named after my grandfathers Abraham and George, and I am grateful to you, no matter what your name is.

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Day 2733: _________ People

Hello, people!

The news today is full of __________ people.  How would you fill in the blank?

Today’s Daily Bitch Calendar refers to BEAUTIFUL people.


Here’s a quote from Chief Red Eagle about ANGRY people and LOVING people:

Angry people want you to see how powerful they are. Loving people want you to see how powerful you are.

I will be seeing LOVING people today at an outdoor memorial gathering for my beloved friend, Eleanor.

__________ people take photos like these:















Now I’m thinking about APPRECIATIVE people and SOULFUL people. has a list of The Best Songs About People, Here and now, I’m choosing Curtis Mayfield‘s “We The People Who Are Darker Than Blue.”

GRATEFUL people end their blog posts like this.



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Day 2336: Better Speech and Hearing Month

If this is Better Speech and Hearing Month,


why aren’t we hearing better speeches this month? Instead, we’re hearing speeches, again, about our U.S. President being a “stable genius.”  

Considering the speeches we’re hearing this month, I would prefer stillness. 

Therefore, I am not going to make any speeches this month.  I’m just going to share all the photos I’ve been taking, looking for better stable geniuses around me. I hope these pictures help  you feel better, hear and now.

































I will share this: I’ve been hearing better speeches about my Coping and Healing groups during Better Speech and Hearing Month, which makes it easier to share groups I love.


How might you celebrate Better Speech and Hearing Month?

Personally, I’m looking forward to hearing better speeches (and maybe new comedy monologues) from my son, Aaron, who arrives from Edinburgh today!

Now, let’s hear  “A Very Stable Genius” by Randy Rainbow:

I’m going to be celebrating Lasagna Awareness Month by hearing Randy Rainbow live in Boston.

I look forward to hearing my readers’ speeches in the comments section, below.

It’s better, during any month, to share gratitude, so thanks to all who helped me create all of my blog posts during Better Speech and Hearing Month, and — of course! — thanks to YOU,  as always, for hearing me out.


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Day 2077: Applause

Several times in therapy groups this week, there was spontaneous applause, as people supported each other’s perspectives and progress.

I remember attending an “Opening the Heart” weekend workshop many years ago, where each one of us received thunderous, sustained applause after introducing ourselves. I still vividly recall how that applause felt, after I had revealed myself and my vulnerabilities to many strangers.

How do you respond to applause?

Last night, I was surprised by the timing of the applause to my latest original song, “Shameless Appeals for Applause.”


I now shamelessly appeal for applause for my photos from yesterday:


No matter what kind of comment you leave below, you’re sure to get applause from me.

Gratitude is a kind of applause, so I’m now clapping for all those who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — YOU.


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