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Day 785: Smiles

Yesterday, I spilled to my college roommate/dear friend Marcia that I probably would be writing a short blog post this morning. She said, with a beautiful smile, “I like your short posts.  Those tell me you’re going out into the world with a lot to do that day.”

I hope this short blog post makes Marcia and my other readers smile, even just a little.  I’m smiling now, because

  1. I’m going to a group psychotherapy conference today,
  2.  group therapy is my livelihood and my passion,
  3. I’m still in sunny, beautiful, and warm California, and
  4. I’m traveling to and from the conference location accompanied by my long-time friend, Lawry.

Friendship, adventure, familiarity, sunshine, warmth, hope, safety, and a sense of purpose all make me smile.

Speaking of smiles, here are some I’ve seen since I started this trip to California:

IMG_5527 IMG_5552 IMG_5600 IMG_5635 IMG_5740 IMG_5800


IMG_5845 IMG_5853 IMG_5863 IMG_5901 IMG_6032 IMG_6039

That last beautiful smile belongs to my friend Amy, who lives in the San Francisco area and whom I haven’t seen for many years. We shared some smiles (and some tears, too) when we spent time together, yesterday.

I don’t know what kinds of faces I’ll have and see at the group psychotherapy conference today. I’m assuming there will smiles, frowns, and many other expressions as people go through a range of experiences and emotions. I’m looking forward to it all.

I’d like to leave you with a musical smile, but I know I’ve used the song “Smile” in this blog post, before.

How about this?

R.E.M. and The Muppets are smiling, frowning, sobbing, and having lots of feelings here on YouTube.

Smiles and thanks to Marcia, Lawry, Amy, the Mona Lisa, R.E.M., the Muppets, all the other smiling faces who helped me create this post today, and to you — of course! — for bringing a smile (or any face) here today.

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