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Day 2023: Great _____

Great Scott!  My first great question for my great readers on this great day is this: how would you fill in the great blank in today’s great title?

I love these great birds I keep seeing near our great home, which is not in Great Britain.


In my great tags for yesterday’s post, I posed this great question about those great birds: “herons or cranes?” I did a little bit of great research and found these great facts:

  1. Herons and cranes are not related.
  2. Herons fly with their necks and heads tucked back and cranes fly with their necks and heads extended.

Even though I’ve been watching these great birds for a year, I wasn’t sure how they hold their great necks and heads when they fly. This great photo from yesterday didn’t supply any great information, either:


So I went for a great walk last night, purely to observe those great birds in flight.   And those great birds tuck their great necks back.  A great friend of mine texted me photos of different types of birds and I can now say without any great fear of contradiction that those birds are …. (great drumroll) ….





Great Egrets!

Although it’s possible that some of my great readers might know better. One thing I’ve learned in my great life: never be greatly sure about anything.

Anyway, I had a great day yesterday and I hope you enjoy these great new photos:

Some great questions about the above photos:

How many great egrets can you see here?


What exactly is nature’s candy?


Are these really Texas watermelons?


Did you know that yesterday was National Ice Cream Day?


What in the great wide world is this?


Here’s a great list of great songs with the word “Great” in the title:

While there are many songs there which would be great for this post (including “Great Sandwich” and “Great Speckled Bird”), I choose this one, with great singing from a great chorale in Great Britain:

I greatly look forward to great comments, below.

Great thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and to all my great readers, including YOU!


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1085: Down and Up

Yesterday — at (1) my new office, (2) Cabot’s Ice Cream & Restaurant in Newton Massachusetts USA, and (3) an open sing of Handel’s Messiah at a local church  —  I took these photos, sitting down:

That last photo shows a tulip on the “stupid phone” of Marlyse — a fellow soprano I met sitting down last night at The Messiah.  Marlyse told me that every year a tulip comes up outside her apartment, only to be mowed down by some groundskeeper. In 2014, the tulip stayed up, which she called “the triumph of hope over experience.”

Here are some photos I took standing up, yesterday:



Do things look different to you when you are down and up?

While I was up last night singing Handel’s Messiah, my voice hit all the notes, down and up, including these:


Thanks to my son Aaron (who joined up to sit down with me  for some ice cream at Cabot’s), to Marlyse, to tulips everywhere, to all those standing up and sitting down at the Messiah Open Sing last night,  to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and to you — of course! — for being up for reading this down-and-up post, here and now.

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