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Day 2482: So easy

It’s so easy for me to take photos on my drive into work because it’s so easy to be stuck in traffic around Boston.


It’s so easy for me to free associate about the phrase “so easy” …

  • When I tell people that my Coping and Healing groups focus on doing more of what helps and less what doesn’t help, we agree that sounds so easy but is actually so difficult to do.
  • As was pointed out by Ukrainian-American comedian, actor, and writer Yakov Smirnoff somewhere (it’s not so easy for me to remember where and when),  English has confusing idioms about pie and cake to describe something  that is so easy  (“easy as pie” and “piece of cake”),
  • It’s so easy to fall down and not so easy to get up again.
  • It’s so easy for me to fear the winter and not so easy for me to embrace it.
  • It’s so easy to focus on the negative but not so easy to focus on the positive.
  • It’s so easy to write the words “hope” and “love” but not so easy to hold on to them.
  • It’s so easy for me to share my words and photos with you.













What I really really want is to share two version of “It’s So Easy” (so easy to find here and here on YouTube):


It’s so easy to be grateful to Buddy Holly, Linda Ronstadt, Yakov Smirnoff, people who learn and grow in groups, Boston, and YOU!


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