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Day 2993: An hour a day

In a therapy hour yesterday, I suggested that somebody spend an hour a day taking care of a task they’d been avoiding — cleaning up and organizing their home. This person had tried breaking down the overwhelming job in other ways, and those hadn’t worked.

I like to take my own advice, so I am going to spend an hour a day taking care of tasks I avoid like

  • doing my taxes,
  • filling out other forms,
  • contacting bureaucracies,
  • calling people I don’t know,
  • risking failure or rejection,
  • talking to unpleasant people,
  • organizing closets, and
  • throwing away things I don’t need.

As usual, spending an hour a day blogging is helping me face the day ahead.

I spend at least an hour a day walking, taking photos, and tweeting.

Here’s “The Working Hour” by Tears for Fears (allegedly the best song with an hour in the title):

How might you spend an hour a day?

I spend much more than an hour a day giving thanks for all I have, including wonderful readers like YOU.

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