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Day 451: Studies in Sleep

So I bring my laptop with me to my sleep study, see, and WordPress is blocked at this hospital. Lori, my sleep study specialist, tells me she is surprised by this, since the blog “Boobs & Loubs” is allowed. I ask, natch, “How do you know that?” And she explains it and it’s entirely innocent, but I can’t tell you the details because I am distracted by all the stuff she’s putting on me.

So why is my writing tone so different in this post? Personally, I’ve been hearing a movie gangster voice, like Jimmy Cagney’s, in my head, since I started writing this.

I think my tone is different tonight for several reasons: (1) It is entirely new and alien for me to be writing a post on my friggin’ phone (have I mentioned that I do NOT like the iPhone keyboard?!!), (2) I don’t know how to access many of my beloved writing options like bullet points and numbered lists right now, (3) isn’t that enough? and (4) oh, yeah, there’s the little matter of my writing this from a hospital room, at 10 PM, the night before a posting.

Actually, this doesn’t look like a hospital room, to me.


Nice, huh?

So what else do I want to tell you, before I put this post and myself to bed?

I wanted to tell you that Lori and I talked non-stop for the 30 minutes she spent attaching all the sleep-monitoring equipment to me.






She told me lots of interesting info, including the fact that she has a guinea pig named Mr. Brown, who is really a female, but whom she and her 6-year-old daughter Allie couldn’t switch to calling something else, after they discovered their mistake.

Before I took the photo of Lori, above, I told her I like to put pictures of kind people in my blog. Lori said, “Oh, I don’t know if I’m really that kind.”

I said, “0h, I think you are.”

The story about the guinea pig clinched it.

I am going to save this post, right now, so I can relax and get ready to be sleep studied by Lori and company. My plan is to get this posted tomorrow morning, around Standard Posting Time. (Added in the morning: The automatic scheduling I tried didn’t work, for some reason. I’ll post this when I get to work.)

We shall see if trying new things go well, here in Sleep Central.

Thanks to Lori, to other people who love what they do, to those who study and are studied (including guinea pigs), and to you — of course! — for reading this, today.

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