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Day 2729: Stoned

You might think, from looking at this photo,


that somebody was stoned when Michael and I gathered with my son Aaron and my ex-in-laws for my first social gathering since March. I don’t think so, but who knows? And even though it might not look like it, I kept a stone’s throw distance from my son Aaron and my ex-in-laws, too.

You might think that I chose the title for today’s post because I took these photos of stones yesterday:




You might think I was stoned when I took some of these photos, but I was not.

Who needs to get stoned when I  can look at scenes like these?





Do Harley or Oscar look stoned?

I wonder if Oscar will feel stoned when I bring him out for a walk in his new stroller.


Here‘s Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and many others performing “Everybody Must Get Stoned” at Farm Aid in 1986:

Please don’t throw any stones when you comment on this “Stoned” post, below.

Finally, stoned gratitude from me to you!


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Day 2714: What’s on the horizon?

When you look ahead, what’s on the horizon?

Do you see

  • clouds?
  • darkness?
  • light?
  • hope?
  • despair?
  • change?
  • stagnation?
  • revolution?
  • evolution?
  • hate?
  • love?
  • indifference?
  • violence?
  • peace?
  • misunderstanding?
  • understanding?
  • wounds?
  • healing?
  • ruptures?
  • connection?

What’s on the horizon in this photo?


Here‘s “Beyond the Horizon” with nice scenery on the horizon.

What’s on the horizon for comments about this post?

Gratitude is always on the horizon here.


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