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Day 123: Transitions

Some people find it more challenging than others to change, to transition from one state to another. I know that’s true. I’ve also observed, in my many years on this planet, that change is challenging for all of us.

Here’s some proof that I’ve been here for a while:



(Photo taken on Groundhog Day, 2/2/13).

The above is also proof that (1) I’m too busy and (2) I haven’t gotten used to switching from Windows to the World of Apple, since it took me so friggin’ long to get the pictures of my birthday party (taken by the wonderful Carol)  onto my computer.

I’m looking at that picture now, and realizing that it’s also proof that (1) I like chocolate, (2) the word “like” doesn’t even come close to approximating my feelings about chocolate, and (3) I like using exclamation points (to express joy).  I’m also remembering that I was soooo tired during that party (because — surprise! — I had trouble sleeping the night before) and so worried that I would lose track of those two candles I’d bought (I mean, I didn’t want to destroy that beautiful frosting with 61 candles, people!), that I made sure to put them in a safe place, so that I could easily retrieve them when I needed them, and then — of course! — I couldn’t find them when it was Cake Time.

But since the candles ARE in the picture, the picture is also proof of this:  I may get anxious from fear of making mistakes (especially when I’m tired) and I may lose things temporarily, but I usually find them in time (even if people have to wait a few minutes, which they probably don’t mind doing).

Wow!  I’m learning a lot, even now, just looking at that picture.

Of course, when I first started writing this post, I had another point in mind. (I pretty much always have another point in mind when I start writing a post.) The picture — which I’ve now riffed about for several paragraphs — was just some data for a claim I was making:  that I’ve lived long enough on this planet to have some wisdom and experience. (Using the photograph is also an illustration that I respect my son’s opinion, since he told me, after I published this pictorial essay, that I had finally reached my stride as a blogger.)  (That post my son likes?  I like it, too.)

Question to self:  So, Ann, what WAS your point, when you first starting writing this post, on this fine morning?

Answer: I am about to go on vacation for a week. And even a “good” transition like that — which I certainly am welcoming right now — is causing me some anxiety.

It helped me to name that anxiety, right now, dear reader.

So now, I can gather my wits, my breakfast, my other morning necessities, my headphones, my lunch, and my son and leave for work,  knowing that:

  1. I will do the best I can today,
  2. I will not be perfect in doing all the things I am supposed to do to prepare for this transition, and
  3. I will be doing well for myself  (and for other people), if I can remember # 1 and #2.

I mean, I may lose track of those truths — just like I lost track of the candles for my birthday cake — but I know now that I’ll find them again.

Thanks for reading, everybody.

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