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Day 3485: What’s the name of this post?

Every once in a while, I look at the images I want to share for the day, can’t decide what to name the blog post, and ask my readers for help.

I also have some trouble asking for help, so I sometimes say “no pressure” when I‘m doing that.

What’s the name of this post? (No pressure.)


What’s the name of this post? It could be

  • “No Pressure”
  • “Pressure”
  • “Light and Dark”
  • “Making the Darkness Conscious”
  • “Fears”
  • “National Love is Kind Day”
  • Anything you suggest, below.

Here are some pressure songs people on Twitter posted in response to my asking this question:


What’s the name of this post? Another possibility is “Gratitude.”

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Day 3383: Good

Good of you to visit my blog today!

Let’s see if there’s a good definition of “good” on the internet.

Here’s a thought I’m having immediately about that “good” definition: what’s with the gender stereotypes in that definition (genius = male and women in the kitchen)? And what does “good school” usually mean to people? Could there be some unconscious bias and racism there?

It you think I’m trying to “cancel” the dictionary, the comments section below is a good place to express all your feelings.

Do you see good in my images for today?

There are a lot of good things on that list, but I’ve stopped eating popcorn because it’s not good for my teeth. And it’s good to remember that the negative tends to stick to us, so why not practice being like Teflon today?

Here’s “Only the Good Die Young” by Billy Joel, performed in my good old hometown.

It’s good to end these posts with gratitude, so thanks to all who help me blog every day, including YOU!

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Day 2049: Self Acceptance

Yesterday, myself and several other selves discussed “Self Acceptance” in a therapy group.


All the selves in that group agreed that “Self Acceptance” is an important topic and something that people need to practice, practice, practice.

Here and now, I’m practicing self acceptance as I make decisions about what to pack for my trips to Iceland and Edinburgh.  I will accept myself whether or not I bring along my ukulele and/or my laptop.

I am also practicing self acceptance about the other photos I took yesterday.







Here‘s a Billy Joel song about self acceptance:

Self acceptance and gratitude now!




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Day 1764: Stranger

What’s stranger?

Reading a WordPress blog post or writing one?

This old blog post I wrote about strangers or this one?

Paying attention to the news or deliberately avoiding it?

Looking  forward to indictments from government investigations or dreading them?

Stranger Things or Strangers with Candy?

When a Stranger Calls   or When a Stranger Calls Back ?

This photo


or this one?


This photo


or this one?


This photo


or this one?


This photo


or this one?


This YouTube video

or this one?


Asking for comments for a blog post or not asking?

Thanking people who helped me create this post or thanking those who are reading it?

And which of these two ways of expressing thanks is stranger?




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