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Day 1123: Bold Character

As I was boldly walking away from work yesterday, I saw this:


Which of those characters seem particularly bold to you?

To me, “bold character” includes:

  • Courage
  • Willingness to try new things
  • Openness to differences
  • Strengths of many different kinds, including the strength to show vulnerability
  • Feeling the fear and doing it anyway
  • Expressing oneself through words, rather than weapons
  • Accepting all  feelings
  • Taking helpful actions
  • Letting go of negative self-talk
  • Showing off one’s talents

After I saw “Bold Character” yesterday, I was bold enough to drive to the Boston Financial District to meet with my new vocal coach, Sherée:


Sherée is a bold enough character to appear on a televised talent contest, which she won! Since I’ve acquired enough bold character to audition for “The Voice” next month, Sherée is helping me prepare for that.

Yesterday, Sherée had the bold character to record me boldly singing my likely audition song, which I’ll be sending in to the bold characters pre-screening the try-outs for “The Voice.”  Once Sherée sends me that bold recording, I’ll probably have the bold character to share it with my bold readers, here on this bold blog. If I’m feeling really bold, I might ask the bold characters who read my blog  to vote on which audition song I should use:  “Soothe” by Todd Rundgren or “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.”  Or, I might have the bold character to decide on my own.

This bold character took all these other photos, yesterday:

What are your thoughts about “Bold Character”?  I hope you have enough bold character to express yourself in a comment below.

Bold thanks to Sherée and all the other bold characters who helped me create this post and to you — of course! — for boldly going here, today.

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