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Day 3139: Happily Open

I am going to happily open this blog post with a good sign I saw yesterday on Boston’s happily open Beacon Hill.

I was happily open to taking that photo right before we were happily open to driving all the way to happily open Ogunquit, Maine, to meet Joan Sloane Malone (a/k/a Joan Clawford)’s happily open foster mom, Lindsay, who is happily open to having many, many cats in her happily open home.

There’s Lindsay, who was happily open to posing with happily open Joan before we took Joan with us back to Boston.

I hope you are happily open to my other images for this happy day, as all of us are happily open to having Joan in our life.

We will happily open that door in a few days so Harley and Joan can be happily open to meeting face to furry face.

When I searched YouTube for “happily open cats” I found this:

I hope you are happily open to leaving a comment today; I am happily open and grateful to greet this new day.

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