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Day 2058: The Right Way

When I was walking the right way down an Edinburgh street yesterday, I observed this:

What IS the right way, dear readers, in these times of right OR left, us OR them, my way OR the highway?

For me, the right way includes loving yourself and others …

… being responsible for your tasks …

… thoughtful consumption of food and other resources …

… finding the wisdom in books and other people …

… being surprised by joy …

… communicating with others the best you can …

… finding the humor wherever you can …

… singing along, realizing that beauty is everywhere…

… even in your own body and soul, and recognizing that change is scary.

Also, the right way includes looking out for each other, especially when people fear change.

The right way to end this post is with gratitude for all who help me find the right way, every day, to create this blog and for YOU, who found your way here.

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Day 1695: Humans

I’m seeing lots of humans (and humanity) in Edinburgh, Scotland, during the 70th Festival Fringe.















Those last three photos include extraordinary humans Ron Lynch and Natalie Palamides. Ron suggested we accompany him yesterday to see Natalie’s wonderful one-woman show, LAID (reviewed here by humans) and so we did, with many other appreciative humans. That last photo shows Natalie talking to another human who also dresses up as an egg in her one-woman Fringe show. What are the chances that more than one human would dress up as an egg at the 70th Festival Fringe?


Ron Lynch is a human and humane comedian this human has blogged about many times.  Here’s Ron with another one of my favorite humans:


my son Aaron.

Last night, Ron, Aaron, and I saw legendary Boston comedian and humane human  Barry Crimmins share his trenchant views about humanity at another Fringe show.


Ron introduced us to Barry, saying, “She took my stand-up comedy class in Boston years ago and now he does stand up!” It’s amazing what humans can do.

Barry Crimmins, like the Edinburgh Fringe, has spent many years defying the norm.  Here’s Barry with some other comedic humans:

This human likes to end her blogs with gratitude, so thanks to all the humans who helped me create today’s post and thanks to you — of course! — for being human, here and now.

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Day 966: Call me lucky

Call Me Lucky is an amazing movie  — about the beloved, much-respected political humorist/children’s protection activist, Barry Crimmins — that I was lucky enough to see yesterday at the Somerville Theater, near Boston USA.


I hope  you are lucky enough to see this great film, which I believe is now available on iTunes.

You could call me lucky because:

  • my 17-year-old son Aaron — after spending lots of time with me recently in Edinburgh, Scotland — was still happy to spend the afternoon with me watching that funny, wrenching, illuminating and, ultimately, life-affirming film,
  • in the 1980s, I got to see Barry Crimmins and all the other great  Boston-based comedians who appear in Call Me Lucky, many times,
  • in the 1980s, when I performed my own stand-up routine at two Open Mic nights, one of those nights was the Boston-comedy-club debut of the director of Call Me Lucky, Bobcat Goldthwait,
  • I have seen and heard many wonderful films and performances at the Somerville theater over the years, including several shows by my guitar hero, Pat Metheny, and
  • like Barry Crimmins, I am passionate about my chosen work, to which I am returning, today, after a two-week vacation.

You might also call me lucky because yesterday I could see

with non-red eyes, all these other interesting and wondrous things around me:


Might you call any of those shots particularly lucky?

Call me lucky for so easily finding the trailer for Call Me Lucky, on lucky YouTube.

Are there any reasons why you might call yourself lucky, here and now?

Lucky and copious thanks to Barry Crimmins, to my son Aaron, to Bobcat Goldthwait, to stand-up comedians in Boston and elsewhere, to all the brave children’s protection advocates in the world, to the Somerville Theater, and to you — of course! — whom I am lucky enough to call “my reader,” today.

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