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Day 1643: Badly

Because the word “badly” appeared ┬áin a recent badly written tweet, I am badly focusing on it today.

I sometimes badly worry that I

  • suffer fools badly,
  • communicate badly,
  • do my hair badly,
  • exercise badly,
  • snack badly,
  • decide badly,
  • speak badly,
  • write badly,
  • draw badly,
  • understand badly,
  • assert myself badly,
  • drive badly,
  • park badly,
  • pack badly,
  • cook badly,
  • bake badly,
  • hear badly,
  • see badly,
  • clean badly,
  • organize badly,
  • feel badly,
  • move badly,
  • age badly,
  • remember badly,
  • interrupt badly,
  • comment badly,
  • dance badly,
  • play musical instruments badly,
  • sing badly,
  • sleep badly,
  • choose badly, and
  • photograph badly.


That turkey was limping badly yesterday. I badly hope it’s okay.

When I badly worry that I’ve done something badly, I barely remember this goodly mantra: It’s good enough and I can make it better.

I shall now badly share some music by Badly Drawn Boy.

By the way, because my laptop is behaving badly, I am badly blogging today on my iPhone.

And, yes, I badly want comments on this post.

Bigly thanks to all who helped me create this badly post and — of course! — to my readers, whom I need badly.

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