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Day 1966: Memorable lines

Yesterday, I saw a little movie called “Avengers: Infinity War” and, for me, these were the most memorable lines:

It’s like a pirate and an angel had a baby.

Get this man a shield!

Memorable lines are usually memorable for a reason.  Those two lines were memorable to me because (1) they were funny and (2) I’m very aware of pirates, angels, babies, and shields in this life. Here’s some recent proof of the latter:


Another movie, which has lots of memorable lines, will be playing at a theater near me on June 3 and 6.


Here are memorable lines I easily remember from The Producers.

You used to be able to sit out on the stoop like a person.  Birds!  Dirty, stinking birds.

I’m not a madam, I’m a concierge!

“Actors aren’t animals. They’re human beings!” “Really? Have you ever eaten with one?”

Germany’s moving at a faster pace.  Look out, here comes the master race!

Do you know who I used to be?

Look at me now!  I’m wearing a cardboard belt!

“I feel so strange.” “Maybe you’re happy.” “That’s it.  I’m happy.”

I’m in pain. And I’m wet. And I’m still hysterical!

You’re going to jump on me! You’re going to jump on me like Nero jumped on Poppaea!

You shut up! I am the author, you are the audience.  I outrank you!

Where did I go right?

The Führer has never said “baby.”. I did not write “baby.”  What is this “baby”?

Don’t forget the checkie.  Can’t produce plays without the checkie!

No way out. No way out. No way out.

Next time I produce a play, no author.

You know what they say! “Smile and the world smiles with you.”

This man should be in a straitjacket.

Come in, Mr. Tact!

You mean “Ooops” don’t you?  Just say ‘Ooops!’ and get out!

What scheme?  I meant no scheme.

Money is honey.  Money is honey.

Don’t be stupid, be a smarty, come and join the Nazi party!

We’ve struck gold. Not fools’ gold. Real gold. The mother lode!

You have exactly 10 seconds to change that look of disgusting pity to one of enormous respect.

Do the books, do the books.

Not many people know it, but the Fuhrer was a terrific dancer.

“Let’s assume just for the moment that you are a dishonest man.” “Assume away.”

This play’s gonna close … by page four.

Shut up!  I’m having a rhetorical conversation.

You’re an accountant! You’re in a noble profession. The word “count” is part of your title.

I never knew that the Third Reich meant Germany. I mean it’s just drenched with historical goodies like that.

“Do you think he’ll take the job?” “Only if we ask him.”

Congratulations! “Hitler” will run forever.

Have you seen the lines at the box office?

“There, there.” “Where, where?”

I want … I want everything I’ve ever seen in the movies!

What are your memorable lines?

Are there  memorable lines in my other photos from yesterday?






Here and here are memorable lines you’ll find on YouTube if you search for “Memorable Lines.”


I look forward to reading memorable lines in the comment section, below.

Since some lines bear repeating …


… “thank you” to all  who helped me share the memorable lines in today’s post and — of course! — to YOU.

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