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Day 1262: Pain

It pains me slightly to realize, here and now, that I have never, ever written a blog post with the word “pain” in the title during all my twelve hundred and sixty-one days of uninterrupted daily blogging, before today.

Even when I wrote about the important concept of “absence of pain” two months ago, that post did not include “pain” in its title.

I shall now take pains to speculate why I have avoided naming “pain” in my blog titles.

  1. My work as a psychotherapist centers so much on people’s pain.
  2. The news is  always filled with pain.
  3. I avoid, whenever possible, taking medication for pain.
  4. I suffered a lot of pain when I was in the hospital as a child.
  5. I worry about future pain.
  6. Because I’m a mother, I fear the possibility of my son experiencing pain.
  7. In almost every therapy group I facilitate, the common themes include “physical pain” and “emotional pain.”
  8. Pain – even though it’s an important warning signal from our bodies blah blah blah — sucks.

Here are all the photos I took yesterday, in a world of pain and hurt:





It pains me to think of a world without personal power or without love.

It also pains me to imagine dealing with pain without music. Here‘s Sting and The Police performing King of Pain:

Humor also helps me relieve pain. Here‘s “Weird Al” Yankovic‘s parody of King of Pain:


Would it pain you to join me in focusing on pain today? If not, please take pains to comment below.

It doesn’t pain me to repeat myself, especially when I’m expressing gratitude to you all.


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