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Day 3509: Works of art

Works of art

  • have fascinated me since I was young,
  • are proof of humanity’s potential,
  • help make life worth living, and
  • can be defined this way:


Last night, I asked a question on Twitter about works of art.


Do you see works of art in any of my other images for today?


At first, I disliked how our dining room table top was so easily affected and transformed by heat, place mats, cats, and other aspects of daily living, but now I am choosing to see it as a work of art.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “works of art.”

Here’s a comment on that Art Insider “Cans Are Transformed Into Amazing Works Of Art” video:


I look forward to your works of art comments, below.

Thanks to all who appreciate works of art, including YOU.

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