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Day 540: I Spy

I chose this title today because:

  • “I Spy” reminds me of an old game (“I spy with my little eye …”),
  • I Spy” reminds me of an old TV show (and its theme song)

(video on YouTube here)

  • and “I Spy” is one of those topics that lets me post whatever images I want.

Let us begin!

I spy, with my little eye, something that begins with the letter “d”.



Hmmm. That’s probably difficult to see, with the angle of the picture and the barrier of that fence.

Let’s do that one over, with something closer, more recent, and easier on the eyes. Again, I spy, with my little eye, something that begins with the letter “d.”


That’s my neighbor Karen’s new dog, whom I met yesterday morning.  That puppy spied me, too:


Let’s face it, I might as well just end this post here. Everything from now on is going to fade in comparison, cuteness-wise.

But there’s more to life than cute, right?

I spy, with my little eye, things that begin with the letter “t.”


Again, I’m making this difficult, aren’t I?  Indeed, when I saw that, this weekend, in Arlington’s Bicentennial Park, I remarked to bf Michael, “Can anybody really tell what those are?” Michael pointed out that stone carvings were not easy to execute, and he suggested I not be so judgmental.

I’d like to give you a better chance with that one, too. I spy, with my little eye, things that begin with the letter “t.”





Those are all trees I saw at Tower Hill Botanical Garden, shown previously in this post. I am happy to present them to you again, in their true colors, since I inadvertently was filtering all my photos back then.

I have to tell you, when I look at those filtered photos (in posts starting here and ending here), I still feel a little bad. Slightly green, perhaps. As a matter of fact, I have been avoiding revisiting those posts. And when I do, I have thoughts like these:

What was I thinking? How could I have NOT noticed how odd all those photos look?  It’s SO obvious to me, now.  And I pride myself on my ability to see and observe! Ha!

But then I remember how it helps to

  1. let go of the actions of the past, and
  2. embrace the idea of “good enough.”

And sometimes, you get a do-over. Like here, today!

As for those original posts with the greenish photos, I am leaving them as they are, for the most part.  However, I’m going to change all the photos of people in my life, because I want them to appear to others, as they do to me, with all their beautiful colors.

I spy, with my little eye, things that begin with the letter “f.”










Before I’m something that begins with the letter “l” — “late” — let’s do one more game.  I spy, with my little eye, something that begins with the letter “c.”

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you might guess that it’s …


But it’s actually this:


That can’t possibly be good for me, could it?

Thanks to “I Spy” (both versions), dogs, my downstairs neighbor Karen, people who do their best, trees (no matter what color), friends, cats, chia, chocolate, and — of course! — you, for spying here, today.

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Day 433: Changes in time

We lost an hour last night. Now, the days are going to stay lighter, longer.

It all depends on how you look at it, doesn’t it?

Yesterday, the temperature was in the 50’s (F)! As a result, I was outside, walking around.   That means … it’s photo time!


There’s still a lot of snow and ice, but — in these parts — when the warm weather appears, so do lots of people (and critters, too). Notice, at the bottom of the photo above — upside-down and incomplete — a certain word that has appeared in many posts here, over time. Here’s a clue: it’s an anagram of “post.”



I don’t know about you, but when the temperature is warm, I tend to freak, a little, when I see people walking on frozen water. Can you see those people, in the distance? If not, here’s a closer look:


Eeeek!  Again, that was my automatic, initial feeling. But I let go of that, when I saw so many people doing that, without fear.


It was great to see critters, of different types and sizes, outside, on a beautiful day.



I want to tell you some things about the photo, above. I tried to capture the melting snow that was falling, constantly, off the top of the building in the foreground, but  I couldn’t do that. Also, many years ago, on a beautiful, warm March day, somebody jumped off the building in the background. Whenever I see that building, I think about many things, including helplessness.



I saw more creatures, there, getting sustenance. Can you see them, too?



I knew I wanted to get a shot of that. I was dressed for the temperature (no coat and sneakers) but not for the snow and ice, so I was careful in my approach.



We saw those guys, after my son’s piano lesson, at a wonderful restaurant, The Madrona Tree.



This is what the snow looks like, right now, around here. As my son said, “It’s really frozen mud.”



I don’t know why people put anchors on the sides of houses.  Maybe it’s a symbol of security. “This house is anchored, right here, no matter what the weather or how rough the seas.”



Later in the day, we saw this.  If you look closely, perhaps you can see the words in her hair.  I’ll tell you what I saw, right away: “Happy”(and there’s another word* there, too).

I appreciate the company (here and there) on yesterday’s walks.

Thanks to people for whom March is special,  to those who venture out in this world (no matter how safe they feel), to critters of all sizes, shapes, and hues, and to you — of course! — for taking time here, today.

* The other word is “birthday.”

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Day 336: You are exactly where you are supposed to be.

I’m wondering, right now, what people’s reactions might be, to the title of this post.

I don’t know, because I’m not a mind reader.

None of us are mind readers.

However, it is human to guess and anticipate what other people are thinking.

So I can tell you what I am guessing, right now, about people’s reactions to “You are exactly where you are supposed to be.”

These guesses are based on what I have experienced, in person, when people encounter that phrase.

I have seen disbelief, acceptance, fear, anger, hope, and relief.

So my guess is that you might be having one of those reactions.

But maybe not.

I don’t know what your reaction is.

I am eager to hear it, whatever it is (if you choose to put it into words).

I wanted to tell you one more thing, about that title phrase, this morning:

Many times, I have been in a large room with lots of people and that saying on the wall, inspiring movement forward.

What image(s) do I want to leave you with, today?

First, I’ll see what Google Images has,  for “You are exactly where you are supposed to be.”

Here are three:




Let’s see what I have on my iPhone.

Here’s a photo I took, yesterday, while I was in Arlington, MA with my son:


I snapped that photo, intuitively, yesterday, knowing it would fit some post, some day.

Why did I choose it? Because I like those creatures, whatever they are. And even if I think they’re silly, I also see the beauty.

And they look, to me, as if they are settled and accepting, in the moment, to be where they are.  (Even if they are secretly wishing they were somewhere else — that somebody take them home.)

They are exactly who & what & where they are supposed to be, and they are lovely (including any ridiculousness).

Thanks to, TooTallFritz, and Phoenix Tree Productions (for the images), to Himalayan Crafts in Arlington (for the window display), and to you — of course — for visiting today.


* I found this image here.

** I found this imager here.

*** I found this image here.

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Day 308: Transitional Images (and Idioms)

Dear readers,

I’m working on some transitions here, including:

  1. the transition from October to November and, therefore,
  2. the transition to colder weather.

Also, we set the clocks back over the weekend, and that always seems to have an effect on me.

So, to celebrate transitions, I am going to post some photos I’ve take recently, that I haven’t used yet!

This reminds me of the idiom

Killing two birds with one stone

… but I’m not crazy about idioms that involve harming animals, these days.  For example, I’ve also stopped saying

There’s more than one way to skin a cat

…. even though I think that’s a helpful concept, too.

Anyway, where was I?

Oh, yes!  Here are some transitional images, for my blog post today:

Two weeks ago, my son and I visited a wonderful costume company, in Arlington Center:

photo (62)

My son was planning his Halloween costume (he dressed up as Walter White, from “Breaking Bad”) and he was looking for ways  he could look more like this:


While we didn’t buy anything that day, we found some amazing stuff at The Costume Company:

IMG_1980 IMG_1982 IMG_1985

Toni, whom I hope you can see (on the right in the last photo), said that many of the items at the Costume Company are one-of-a-kind.  She told us a story about that beautiful Marie-Antoinette-type costume, shown above in their promotional postcard:  A copy of that original costume, which was shared on the internet, showed up in a music video, without attribution.  We all agreed that once you put something excellent out there, it’s difficult to prevent people from copying it.

Let’s see if I have any other Halloween-related images to show you ….

Not really, I guess I was too caught up in other things, last month.

Although here is an image of Captain Kirk, from Star Trek, dressed up as an umpire, which was posted in a window:

photo (63)

Okay!  It’s time to leave October behind, pictorially.

Here are some photos I took last night, to help me transition into what’s ahead:


Oooops!  I guess that’s still a throw-back to October.

Let me try again:


That’s more like it!  That tells us that Thanksgiving is coming, soon, to these parts.

Here’s the last photo I took last night:


Arrrghhh!!  Too much of a transition, too soon,  for me  right now.

Although, I will end with this: Michael (my bf) pointed out, last night, how much I enjoy all the colorful lights, as winter takes hold.

Those DO help, for sure.


Thanks to thefreedictionary,com, The Costume Company, “Breaking Bad,” Star Trek,” my son, Michael,  masqueraders everywhere, people going through transitions of any kind, and to you — of course! — for visiting today.

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Day 217: Strangers

Throughout my life, various people — who have wanted me to be safe — have said this:

Don’t talk to strangers.

Sometimes,  I’m not sure what to do with that advice.  It speaks to this very difficult question:

Who do I trust?

(which I wrote about, here,  in “Day 89: Is somebody trying to sell me something?”)

Yes, “Who do I Trust?”  is a very difficult question, with evolving, best-guess, and survival-oriented answers.

Who do you trust?  And when is it safe enough to connect with somebody?

When I offer people the opportunity to participate in group therapy,  a lot of people say “no,” stating completely reasonable reasons like this:

I don’t want to tell a bunch of strangers my problems.

Makes sense, doesn’t it? And I respect and honor that natural impulse, to protect oneself from strangers.

I, myself, have a fear of strangers. And of the unknown, in general.

And yet, this is something I see all the time: People taking a leap of trust, coming together with strangers, and helping each other heal.

It’s amazing how quickly people can negotiate their fears, making choices that feel safe enough, and connect to other people.

However, no matter how many times that happens,  that self-preservation — that healthy caution about strangers — remains.

Often, at the end of a group therapy session of no-longer-strangers, people will state their wish that the others in the group will be there the next time.  I hear a concern that, the next time, strangers will be there.

And sometimes I say this, “Well, none of you knew each other at the beginning of this meeting, either.”

And people will say, “That’s true.”

And I see a mixture of comfort and caution on their faces.

Which makes sense, doesn’t it?

Before I end this post, I wanted to show an event I attended where I encountered some strangers:

Last weekend, I visited the  Chairful Where You Sit charity event, in Arlington, MA.  Here’s a description of Chairful Where You Sit:


After talking to the person was running the event at that location that day, I decided to purchase a chair.

This was a charitable act and also a selfish one. Let me explain:  I have been wanting to expand my very helpful practice of mindfulness by meditating every day.  Meditation is new (and therefore strange) to me, and to overcome my resistance to that, I knew it would help to designate a Place To Meditate.

And this is what I got at Chairful Where You Sit:


Thanks to Lynn Rosenbaum,  to mindful friends and strangers, and to you, for sitting and reading today.

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