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Day 1673: Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?  Are we there at a place where we can finally

  • be accepting,
  • feel safe enough,
  • love ourselves,
  • love others,
  • be authentic, and
  • relax?

I was there yesterday, for moments.

“Are We There Yet?” is a great tune by Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays.

We’re here yet so we better make the best of it, because who knows where we’ll be tomorrow.

Are we there, yet,  at the end of today’s blog? We are, so thanks to all who help me bring these posts here and — of course! — to you, for being there.

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Day 580: Not there yet

“Not there yet” just popped into my head, as the title for today’s post.

Next thought, there:  Are We There Yet? is yet  another tune I adore, by Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays.

(That YouTube video is there yet)

I am not there yet, regarding:

  •  my new and breezy snooze-atron/Sandman “Sam”/CPAP machine.  In other words, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure is just not there yet, while I’m sleeping.  I may need a different mask.
  • my capacity to whole-heartedly accept and believe compliments (and other positives) and to not fear envy (and other perceived dangers). Yet, there’s obvious progress there.
  • the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh. My son and I are leaving on a jet plane for Scotland, in mid-August.
  • my ability to respond back to people — here and elsewhere — quickly and perfectly. I’m not there yet and I never will be.

I may not be there yet, regarding all those things (and more), but …

I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

And I’m glad I’m there, because many I love are there, too.

Here are  some photos from where I was, yesterday:

map1 IMG_7623

IMG_7628 IMG_7629  IMG_7630 IMG_7631 IMG_7633 IMG_7636 IMG_7637 IMG_7638 IMG_7639

Are we there yet?

Thanks to all, no matter where you are.

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