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Day 2489: Have no doubt

Have no doubt; I am going to explain the origin of today’s title.

Yesterday, somebody told me they attended  a group session with a famous local “eraser” of addictions, depression, anxiety, and phobias, and the take-away was “Have no doubt.”

Have no doubt that I am going to share my photos from yesterday.










Have no doubt that

  • we all have unconscious biases,
  • there is a test for unconscious biases (see here),
  • individual actions may seem insignificant but together the small steps of many people can have astonishing impact,
  • I wrote the wrong date on the board for yesterday’s Coping and Healing groups,
  • one of the group members brought in two kinds of home-made pies, and
  • I promised to share “In The Year 2525” on day 2525 of this blog (which because of a numbering error, I thought was this day). (Have no doubt, everybody makes mistakes, including me.)

Have no doubt — Michael and I totally disagree about that song. One of us has a conscious bias against it and the other one doesn’t.

Have no doubt: I am looking forward to your reactions to today’s blog.

Have no doubt.  I end every post trying to express …


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