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Day 783: Best supporting Oscars

Tonight, I’ll be watching the 87th Annual Oscar Awards in California, 3000 miles away from Boston, where I’ve been watching the Oscars for less than 87 but more than 57 years.

For the past 7 years or so, I’ve been personally supported by this Oscar while watching the Oscars:


Tonight, my Oscar will be in Boston, which is currently being supported or unsupported (or please support me, now, by filling in your own word here _____) by lots and lots of this:


Because I took that last photo a couple of weeks ago — before Boston got “supported” again by yet another blizzard — I’m probably not supporting this post with the most accurate representation of what Boston looks like now.  But, doesn’t it look impressive or outstanding or record-breaking and maybe even a bit glamorous?

Speaking of impressive or outstanding or record-breaking or maybe even a bit glamorous, let’s get back to the Oscars, tonight. I haven’t seen all of the movies this year. Usually I do, but I’ve been distracted lately by many things, including the supporting role played by some recent health uncertainties in my life.

The movie I HAVE seen which I most support for an Oscar, right now, is Birdman, which has a soundtrack by Antonio Sánchez (who supports my favorite musician Pat Metheny on drums) and which I have previously supported in this (I hope) supporting blog post, right here.

Anyway, in honor of the 87th Annual Oscars, I shall now  award — as non-judgmentally* as possible  — my own personal Best Supporting Oscars for ME, yesterday.

Best Supporting Oscar for best long-distance support by a cat:



Best Supporting Oscar for best supporting performance by a dog in the Bay Area of California:

IMG_5863 IMG_5865 IMG_5867 IMG_5869


Best Supporting Oscar for best supporting performance by a Bay-area dog toy:


Thatcher’s Shark.

Best Supporting Oscar for best supporting performance by brick in the Bay Area:


The brick wall outside my friend Lawry’s garage.

Best Supporting Oscar for best supporting ghost in the Bay Area:


The ghost inside my friend Lawry’s garage.

Best Supporting Oscar for best supporting artwork in wine country, California:

The nominees are:

IMG_5875 IMG_5876  IMG_5877 IMG_5917 IMG_5927IMG_5923  IMG_5924

I’m not an expert on art, so I’m going to leave it up to my supporting academy (pssst!  that’s you!) to decide on the Best Supporting Oscar in that category.

Best Supporting Oscar for best support provided to a crocodile in wine country, California:


Best Supporting Oscar for performance best supporting the biggest wooden structure supporting wine in the world (at Sebastiani vineyards and winery):

IMG_5915 IMG_5920 IMG_5921

Lawry (being supportive in the first photo), since I don’t know the name of that guy who works for Sebastiani, supporting that giant wooden wine receptacle.

Best Supporting Oscar for best support provided to replicas of famous people supporting a wine country vineyard:

IMG_5895 IMG_5899 IMG_5904

Again, I call on the venerable WordPress Academy to decide on that Best Supporting Oscar.

Last but not least, Best Supporting Oscar for the best mutual support of a delightful woman, fountain-swimming dog, and a wine country vineyard:

IMG_5905 IMG_5908 IMG_5911

Patricia, Fergie (also known as “Fergilicious”), and Sebastiani Vineyards, Sonoma Valley, California.

If you leave a question or any other kind of comment here, I completely support that.

Many supporting Oscars to all those who helped support me in creating today’s post and to you — of course! — for the Oscar-worthy support you’re giving, here and now.

* As you can tell by the title I support for this blog, being non-judgmental is the way-of-being I support for me (and others) to strive for. However, I also support this: humans, even very supportive ones, are naturally judgmental, especially when it comes to giving and receiving awards. Do you support me, in that?

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Day 685: No matter where you go, there you are

I first heard the sentence

No matter where you go, there you are

in the movie Buckaroo Banzai (which has a longer official title, which I’m not going to look up right now, because I have other places to go).

Let’s see if I can find that quote from Buckaroo Banzai on YouTube:

Not only did I find that clip on YouTube, I discovered that lots of other people around the world love that quote and that movie.   That clip also includes other quotes I like:

Is someone out there not having a good time?

Is somebody crying, out there, in the darkness?

What’s your name?  Who cares?  I care.

Don’t be mean.  We don’t have to be mean.

Anyway, it’s time for us rejoin the adventures of Ann Koplow across the nth dimension (where “n” = how many dimensions you think there are, in this universe).

Today, I am going to Worcester, with my friend Peggy (not Penny), to see Pat Metheny and his Unity Band/Group (which includes Antonio Sanchez, who did the amazing drum score for the movie Birdman) (and if you want to find out more about that score, you could click that link, y’know).

Where am I seeing Pat Metheny and his Unity Group/Band, tonight?


800px-Hanover_Theatre_Interior (1)

I found both those photos of the Hanover Theater on the Wikipedia website.  The second photo shows the seats I occupied when I watched the “So You Think You Can Dance” tour recently (described here and here).

No matter when I go to the Hanover Theater, there I am.

Yesterday, I went some other places, and there I was.

IMG_2199 IMG_2201 IMG_2202 IMG_2205 IMG_2209 IMG_2210 IMG_2211 IMG_2213

I was stuck in traffic as I tried to make my way to Fenway Studios to say goodbye to my long-time friend and artist extraordinaire, Paul Nagano, who is leaving the Boston area to move to Hawaii.

I finally found a legal, free parking space (!!!!) and there I was, at Fenway Studios:

IMG_2214 IMG_2215 IMG_2216

…  where I saw my old, beloved business partner (and longer-time friend), Jonathan Stark, and his lovely wife, Jen.


Before I took this picture, I told Jen that I loved her jacket. When I asked if I could include their picture in this blog, Jonathan said, “Yes, but only if you say that my jacket is fabulous, too.” (Jonathan and I worked together, for many years in the 1980’s and 1990’s, creating marketing and advertising materials, including print ads and promotional videos. One of the secrets to our success was to listen to and respect each other’s wishes.) (So there you go, Jonathan.)

I took a few more photos at Fenway Studios, yesterday:

IMG_2219 IMG_2220

… but I didn’t get to spend much time with Paul and his amazing artwork.  Therefore, I am going back there, today, before I head out to Worcester later.

Now, let’s see if everybody has been paying attention. How would you complete this sentence?  “No matter where you go ….”


And here’s another question. Are you going with me?

(You can go here to find Pat Metheny and The Metropole Orchestra playing “Are You Going With Me?” in the Netherlands. No matter where Pat goes, there he is.)

Thanks to Buckaroo, Penny, Peggy, Pat, Antonio, Paul, Jonathan, Jen, Birdmen, cats, musicians, artists, and everybody else who ever goes anywhere, including you (of course!).

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