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Day 973: The New Cool

The new cool for this blog is to get right to the point, so here’s the new cool I saw yesterday:

Cool! Who knew?

Here are other kinds of cool I saw yesterday. Are any new to you?



That’s Al, our friendly neighborhood supermarket cashier, looking kind and cool.  Al is retiring after 23 years, which is cool for him but not cool for me. Yesterday, Al was kind enough to tell us that his first and last days are, coincidentally, the same — September 6. That’s kind of cool, don’t you think?

I think it’s kind of cool to discover new kinds of music. I shall now be kind enough to include one new result of searching for “cool kind” at YouTube:


“Cool Kind Daddy Blues” may not be new, but it sure is cool to share that with you.

Since kind is the new cool, please be kind enough to leave a comment. Whatever you write, it’ll be cool to me.

New cool thanks to Al, to Anna Lee Chisholm, to Blues Girls everywhere,  to the kind of cool boutiques they have in Belmont Center, to Star Market, to everything new and not-so-new I saw yesterday, to cool and kind thoughts when it hits 90 degrees Fahrenheit today, to whatever kind of cool sign-in book I decide to use at my 45th high school reunion, and to you — of course! — for the new kind of cool you are, every day.

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