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Day 1679: If I knew then what I know now

If I knew then what I know my blog post topic is now, would I have taken different photos yesterday?


If I knew then what I know now about how expensive everything is in 2017, I would have worked harder to get lots of money.

If I knew in 2008 when I got the Arthur Award for “Best Peasant” in Spamalot on Broadway (starring Clay Aiken) 

onBroadwaywith Clay

… what I know now — that my son Aaron’s cousin Victoria would be in Spamalot at the Regent Theater in Arlington Massachusetts today ….


… would I have felt any different about being on stage back then?

I often hear people say, “If I knew then what I know now”  when they judge and deprecate their past decisions. If knew then what I know now about addressing those regrets about the past, I would have always replied

You were doing the best you could at the time with the knowledge you had then.

For example, if we knew then what we know now about our new dining room table:


—  that is,  how putting certain placemats on it would cause a weird residue to form on the finish — we would have paid money for the extra insurance protecting any future problems. However, because that insurance did NOT cover damage done by cats, we assumed we wouldn’t need it.

If I knew when I booked my trip to Edinburgh, Scotland that real cats would be appearing on stage at the Regent Theater on Labor Day weekend …



… I might have booked an earlier return date.

If people who have pets knew then what they know now …




… they might have made different purchasing decisions.

If we all knew then what we know now, we might always look on the bright side of life.

I knew then and I know now that I always like to end with thanks to those who help me create these daily blogs and — of course! — to you, for all you know.



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Day 967: The meaning of life

Yesterday evening, after we’d sat down to dinner, I asked my son Aaron, “What would you like to talk about?” He replied, “The meaning of life.”

I thought for a moment (because that topic deserves careful consideration) and quoted something my late mother would often say:

Life is what you make it.

When that got no response from Aaron, I tried again, with something closer at hand: “Maybe Michael’s mashed potatoes explain the meaning of life.”

That photo of my boyfriend Michael’s mashed potatoes (taken when the meal was over) means I was too busy eating them — and thinking  about the meaning of life —  to capture those delicious potatoes on my dinner plate.

What do you think? If asked about the meaning of life over dinner (or anywhere else) by a 17-year old, how might you respond? Would your opening gambit include something you heard growing up, something close at hand, or something else?

Might any of my other recent photos provide useful talking points about the meaning of life?



Allow me to explain the meaning of the life shown in those last four photos. On my first day back at work, yesterday, a co-worker I like very much showed me pictures of the recent  16th birthday party of her sister’s cat, Simba, who was diagnosed with a fatal disease four years ago. To me, Simba looks quite healthy and happy, partaking of some ice cream birthday cake.

That reminds me!   Last night, Michael finished his own birthday ice cream cake, pictured in its entirety here:

I see how that photo — taken on Michael’s birthday, August 21 — includes the word “trust.” I trust that word might come up in some discussions about the meaning of life.

If you were writing a blog post about the meaning of life, what music would you include?

I have to choose something meaningful  from Monty Pythons’s The Meaning of Life.

If “The Galaxy Song” doesn’t provide enough meaning of life, here’s a more familiar song from a different Monty Python movie. 

Meaningful thanks to my late mother, my son Aaron, my boyfriend Michael, Monty Python, Michael’s mashed potatoes, my co-workers, Simba, survivors everywhere, creatures who enjoy ice cream birthday cakes, and every other person, animal, place, and thing that helped me make meaning in today’s post. Special thanks to you — of course! — for any meaning you are making in your life, here and now.

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