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Day 2861: What do you need?

Here and now, what do you need?

Do you need

  • comfort?
  • reassurance?
  • good news?
  • results?
  • money?
  • a drink?
  • love?
  • hope?
  • peace?
  • self esteem?
  • time for yourself?
  • social contact?
  • justice?
  • to know that you are not alone?

I need

  • to take a breath,
  • to be in the moment,
  • to be grateful for all I have, and
  • to do whatever I can to make this life better for myself and others.

I do NOT need to vote because I already have.

I need to share that ten years ago, on Halloween, I met my future husband, Michael. Michael needs no introduction to regular readers of this blog, but here’s a post I wrote about him four very long years ago.

I also need to share my latest photos with you.

If I’m being serious and honest, almost everybody I know needs therapy these days.

I also need to tell you that this …

… is my amazing son, Aaron, who is doing his last year at the University of Edinburgh from our basement here in the USA. Isn’t that a cool picture? Aaron and I both needed our winter coats last night because of the early snow.

I also need to tell you that even though my husband Michael needs his privacy and is camera shy, his presence is there in several of today’s photos.

I need to include a song about needs, so how about this one?

You don’t need to leave a comment, but it would be awesome if you did!

I need to thank everyone who helps me create a new blog post every day, including Michael, Aaron, Harley, the Beatles, the Daily Bitch Calendar, and YOU!

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Day 2438: All you need

All you need is …

… love.

All I need is

  • love,
  • kindness,
  • shelter,
  • peace,
  • the healing power of groups, and
  • the chance to pay my respects today to my late friend Hillel and to his family and friends.

All I need is my iPhone to take photos and to post this blog a few hours before my wonderful hostess Julie and I leave to drive to Hillel’s funeral in NYC.

All I need is that Connecticut Cat Nellie and a FaceTime call with Harley to help prepare me for the funeral today.

What’s all you need?

Is this music all you need?

All the love and thanks you need coming at you, here and now, from your grateful blogger.

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Day 2388: Getting your needs met

Have you been getting your needs met? If so, how do you do that? If not, what gets in the way?

Yesterday, as I was getting my needs met at work, I found this:


I wrote “Getting your needs met Group” on that manilla folder years ago, probably when I was getting ideas about how to help people get their needs met in group.

These days, I’m  doing very well at getting my needs met, except my need for sleep.  I wish I didn’t need to sleep, because there are so many exciting things to plan for and do!

Do you see anything about getting your needs met in these other recent photos?

















Cats are very good at getting their needs met.

When I search YouTube for “Getting your needs met song,” YouTube tries to meet my needs with “The Muffin Song.”

Apparently that song is meeting people’s needs, because it has over 126 million views. I suspect those characters need a good therapy group.

I’m getting my needs met by sharing these songs (here, here, here, and  here, if you need links) about needs:


If sharing your thoughts and feelings in a comment might help get your needs met, please do so.

Every day, I get my blogging needs met here, so I need to thank everybody who helps with that, including YOU.



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Day 1305: All you need

As I went back to work yesterday —  after being away for weeks because of pneumonia and heart failure — it was obvious what I needed.

Do my photos from yesterday reveal what I needed?

















All I need in the near future is love, work, and seeing my son Aaron in that Arlington Children’s Theater production of Anything Goes!

All this post needs  is some great music (here and here on Youtube):

What’s all you need, here and now?

Thanks to all who give me all I need to blog every day, including you!

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