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Day 959: Really Scottish

Yesterday, my son Aaron, his aunt Deborah, and I went on a 12-hour  tour of the Scottish Highlands, which was

… really Scottish of us.

In reality,

  • I’m not Scottish at all,
  • Deborah and Aaron may have some Scottish blood, and
  • Aaron looks

… really Scottish, don’t you agree?

Even though I am 0% Scottish, I know more about being really Scottish today than I did yesterday. On the bus tour,  I learned the following:

  • Stirling, a town north of Edinburgh, means “endeavor” or “striving.”
  • The horse-head statues we saw on our first day in Edinburgh were inspired by two gigantic statues on the side of the road to the Highlands.


  • The Scottish  Highlands have their own strangely adorable cows.


  • The Scottish Highlands have their own strangely mysterious beauty.





  • Loch Ness is so deep and so large that the water there is more than the water held by all the other bodies of water in the United Kingdom, combined.
  • “Ben” means mountain and Ben Nevis (which means “mountain with head in the clouds”) is the tallest point in the United Kingdom.

  • Hot chocolate in the Highlands does NOT have the requisite white and pink marshmallows found in Edinburgh.

  •  No matter how much beauty is all around, certain 0% Scottish people like to take certain types of photos.




  • The word “Inver”  — as in “Inverness” —  means “mouth” (and certain people who look Scottish and are born of mothers who are 0% Scottish go all artistic when asked to take pictures in the Scottish Highlands).

Any really Scottish or any other questions?

I leaned more really Scottish facts yesterday, but I need to get ready to meet two people whom I believe are really Scottish and who both have the same extraordinarily unusual congenital heart condition as I do.

Before I end this post, here‘s some really Scottish music Deborah and I were singing along to yesterday on the tour bus.

Really Scottish thanks to my son Aaron, to my excellent ex-sister-in-law Deborah, to the bus driver Peter, to Alastair McDonald, to all the Lochs,  Bens, and other amazing things we saw yesterday, and to you — of course! — no matter how Scottish you are.

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