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Day 1889: I own this

Yesterday, in a group therapy workshop  titled Living Improv: Using Improvisation to Access the Group Here and Now, the leaders — Elizabeth Ehrenberg and Ali Kimmel —  facilitated an exercise where we could do certain actions and use particular phrases in a circle. At one point, they added the option of repeating “I own this town” while putting your thumbs through imaginary suspenders and strutting through the circle, with everyone else getting out of your way.  I couldn’t wait to own that and whenever I got a chance,  I stuck my thumbs out, chanted “I own this town!  I own this town!” and strutted my way to wherever I wanted to be.  I own that I loved doing that and I own that I loved how the other group members appreciated the way I did it.  Somebody said, “You wear that so well.”

I own this blog and I’ll say this: I wish that people would

  • own what they want to do and say and
  • own the consequences of their speech and their actions.

I own these photos!












I own this:  When I was owning homesickness on my first day in Houston, I connected with Maurice at Starbucks in the Galleria Mall. Yesterday morning,  I owned the wish to say goodbye to him on my last day at the group therapy conference and I owned the presence of mind to ask somebody in line to take that photo of the two of us. She and I later owned our astonishment when she was a presenter of a group workshop I attended 15 minutes later!

I don’t own this music but I own how well it fits today’s post.

If you have any thoughts or feelings about this blog, please own them in a comment below.

I own my thanks to all who helped me own what I wanted to share today and — of course! — to YOU, for your attention to this blogging town.



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Day 1887: Chaos

About six months ago (but who’s counting?), I published a blog post with the same title as this one.   At the risk of somehow spreading the chaos in today’s news, I want to quote how chaos came up in my group therapy presentation yesterday. This happened in the question and answer period after I described how my open-access groups work in a primary care practice in a renowned teaching hospital in Boston.

Audience member: Ann, I am assuming you are comfortable with chaos. How do you deal with it in your groups, which people can attend as they choose?

Me: When you give people access to the behavioral health care they need, there is less chaos than you might expect.

I actually do not experience chaos in my therapy groups, but I do experience more of it, these days,  in the world outside my groups. As I said in my presentation yesterday, I believe people need the support of therapy groups even more in today’s chaotic world.

What do you see in the chaos of today’s pictures?









Even in all this chaos, I’ve got video. Somebody else on my discussion panel yesterday (Moving Forward: Opportunities for Group in the New Health Care Environmentshowed a video like this:

I’ve also got video of some music to help deal with chaos:

I look forward to the chaos of your comments.

Chaotic thanks to all who helped me create today’s post and — of course! — to YOU.

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Day 1882: Summon your strength

I need to summon my strength for a very early morning flight to Houston, so I choose to summon this pack of tissues.


I need to summon my strength because I am

  • tired,
  • in pain from tearing my rotator cuff,
  • meeting new people,
  • traveling to an unfamiliar city,
  • presenting about my therapy groups,
  • on the medication Coumadin and needing to maintain a therapeutic INR with a consistent diet, and
  • homesick in advance.

I summon my strength by

  • writing,
  • sharing my thoughts and feelings, and
  • taking pictures of my surroundings.








That message on the Paramount Theater in Boston summons my strength to remember that we are home no matter where we are in this world and that I’ll be attending a two-day therapy group in Houston titled “Longing for Home: Past Attachments and Reparative Re-Attachments.”

I also summon my strength by going to great musicals with people I love.



Telling people “You Matter to Me” helps them summon their strength.


How do you summon your strength?

Strong thanks to all who helped me summon my strength to create another blog post and — of course! — to my readers, who matter to me.



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