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Day 3141: How much sleep are you getting?

Moments ago, I sent this out on Twitter:

Here’s the link that shows how much sleep different animals get a night:

According to that list, I only need 5.5 hours if I’m an elderly human, which I probably am. However, I haven’t been close to that lately.

Here’s a great response from someone on Twitter:

Why am I getting so little sleep? I think it might be the pandemic, climate change, and now worries about our newly adopted kitty, who has a scary looking infection on her skin.

What can I do about all of those things? Well, my next achievable step is to call the adoption agency today and work this out with them.

I’m looking forward to better nights of sleep ahead with a healthy Joan Clawford as part of our household.

Joan is having no trouble getting the sleep she needs, so I should try to be more like Joan.

In the meantime, getting less sleep allows me to have more time to work, walk, take photos, and hang out on Twitter.

How much sleep are you getting during these precious days?

Here’s “How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?” from the Mt. Sinai Health System:

Here’s “Sleep Music 24/7” if you want to catch some zzzzz’s.

Thanks to all who are doing their best to get the sleep they need, including YOU.

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Day 3138: Take a Break

Yesterday, when I was taking a break from work, I noticed this on Twitter:

Since we’re not able to take a break from the world-wide pandemic, it’s especially important for us to practice the ability to take a break.

I couldn’t help but notice this way to take a break:

… since we’re going to take a break this afternoon to meet this kitty in her foster home:

Her name is Ginger but Michael wants to call her Joan.

Harley, seen here taking a break in the curtains …

… will soon be taking a long break from being the only cat in this household.

Now it’s time to take a break by looking at my other images for the day.

Time to take a break with this song from Hamilton:

I hope you can take a break and leave a comment about this take-a-break post, below.

At least take a break to take in my gratitude to all who help me blog every day, including you!

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Day 3137: What do you do when you’re overwhelmed?

Last night, after an overwhelming day at work, I tweeted this:

The responses to that question have been overwhelming. Not surprisingly, many people are overwhelmed these days and they’re sharing their experience about that on Twitter.

Here’s my response, when somebody asked what I do when I’m overwhelmed:

I didn’t mention that I also blog, take photos, and share images on WordPress.


Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “what do you do when you’re overwhelmed?”

I also listen to music when I’m overwhelmed, and here’s the overwhelmingly talented Manhattan Transfer:

What do you do when you’re overwhelmed?

I hope you don’t find my gratitude for you overwhelming.

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