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Day 2199: Making _______ Bright

In my geographic location, as we approach the day with the fewest hours of light, it’s especially important to be making things bright.

How have you been making things bright? I’ve been making things bright by

  • Connecting with other people,
  • Blogging, and
  • Taking photos of things that brighten my day.

I just looked on YouTube for Bruce Springsteen singing a Chanukah song; I hope what I did find (here, here, and here) will be making this blog bright.


As always, gratitude makes things bright, so bright thanks to all who helped me create today’s blog and — of course! — to YOU.

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Day 1472: Room for feelings

There’s room for your feelings.   There’s room for my feelings, too.

There’s room for the feelings you like and for the feelings you dislike.

In therapy group rooms, there’s room for me to remind people that there’s room for feelings.


There’s room for feelings about the rest of my photos from yesterday.











There’s room for feelings about this song.

There’s room for feelings about this post in the comment section, below.

I know there’s room for my feelings of gratitude for all who helped me create today’s post and — of course!  — for YOU.

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