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Day 1526: A Window in Time

During a recent window in time, I saw this:


During that same window in time, I

  • noticed that the time in that window in time was incorrect,
  • looked at a house with lots of windows near the ocean,
  • thought about the healing power of nature, and
  • considered my own mortality.

How will I use the window in time that is today’s blog post?

I will show you the delicious meal my boyfriend Michael in Massachusetts and my son Aaron in Scotland cooked together in a window in time last night.


Soon after that window in time, I was happily eating a large piece of that by a window.

How else should I use A Window in Time?

I love windows in time to wonderful music.

I hope you use a window in time to leave a comment.

There’s no window in time like the present to express my appreciation to all who helped me create this window-in-time post and to you — of course! — for visiting me during this window in time, here and now.

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