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Day 555: Ann explains the brain to you

Yesterday, at work, when somebody was describing some powerful, negative, and self-judgmental thoughts, I felt compelled to draw a picture of the brain.

I need to warn you,

  1. I’m a terrible artist and
  2. I’ve not studied, in any real way, the structure of the brain.

You may find both of the above confessions surprising, since I

  1. often focus on visual images here and
  2. am a psychotherapist.

Nevertheless, those are the facts.

After I drew the brain on my office whiteboard, we discussed how negative thoughts can be RIGHT THERE, so quickly,  in the front of  the mind.   We talked about the difficulty of accessing positive thoughts.  We discussed how the part of the brain that stores affirming, hopeful thoughts can seem small, hidden, and difficult to reach.

Are you ready to see my non-scientific and non-artistic drawing of the brain, with shadings and call-outs from yesterday’s discussion?


The negative part of my brain (depicted, above, in front and in blue) is telling me that NOBODY could possibly understand that drawing, and that I’m foolish to include that photo here.

The  positive part of my brain (shown, above, in reddish-purple and in the middle) is telling me the drawing is good enough to make my points. That positive part of my brain also tells me this: if people are confused or have questions, they can let me know.

We agreed, yesterday, that the positive part of any human brain can learn, grow, and become more immediately accessible, with practice.

That part of my brain is telling me, now, to include these other images, also from yesterday:

IMG_6779   IMG_6788  IMG_6783 IMG_6784 IMG_6785  IMG_6786IMG_6790IMG_6792 IMG_6791


The brain works in mysterious ways, doesn’t it?

Thanks to those I work with, to all the different parts of the brain (whether or not I can draw them), to anybody who contributed to the words and images of this post, and to you — of course! — for using your head, today.


© 2014 Ann Koplow (for the brain)

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