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Day 3439: Freaking Adorable

I think the Daily Bitch is freaking adorable and that’s why I share that calendar with freaking adorable people.

Today I’m going to attend a Zoom conference with some fellow freaking adorable group therapists. Tonight, for the first time since the start of the freaking pandemic, I’m going to attend an in-person party for the freaking adorable Northeastern Society for Group Psychotherapy. I’m not freaking out about that because the party is mostly outside and I’ll wear this freaking adorable mask whenever I’m inside:

After all we’ve been through, we’re probably not as freaking adorable as we used to be, but I think we’re freaking adorable enough.

I hope you enjoy my other freaking adorable images for today.

It’s freaking adorable that the National Day Calendar sends you a puppy when you ask about a National Day that doesn’t exist (like National Fred Day or National Ann Day).

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “freaking adorable.”



I think this comment about that video is freaking adorable:


By the way, I’m very close to 30,000 freaking adorable followers on Twitter and I’ll be sharing this video when I hit that freaking amazing number.

I look forward to your freaking adorable comments, below.

Thanks to everyone who is freaking adorable, including YOU!

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Day 3413: Significance/Insignificance

Today’s significant Daily Bitch Calendar is about insignificance.

This reminds me of a conversation about over-responsibility I had with Mia of MiAlisa salon on Saturday …

… in which I told her about a significant phrase I find useful: “We are neither as important nor as unimportant as we fear.”

Do you see significance or insignificance in my other images for today?

As usual, there is significance and insignificance in the National Days.

I’m not sure how significant it is that I’m close to 30,000 followers on Twitter, but I wrote a song about it anyway (using a significant tune written by Steve Winwood and Jim Capaldi).

Whatever your thoughts and feelings are about insignificance/significance, they are significant to me.

Thanks to all who help me create the insignificant and the significant entries in this daily blog, including YOU.

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