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Day 508: Stress, anybody?

Stress is another word I have NOT used in titles of any of the preceding 507 posts I’ve written here.

The amount of stress I have about that, on a scale of 0 – 10?  0.

Sometimes, when I am pronouncing a name or a word I’m not familiar with, I’m not sure which syllable to stress.

The amount of stress I’ve had about that, on a scale of 0 – 10?  Let’s see.  How should I calculate this?  Well, I’ve felt SOME stress about mispronouncing things in my life, definitely. The stress number is higher at times when I’m pronouncing somebody’s name (I really like getting people’s names right). When I was younger, I think the number was higher in situations where I didn’t want to appear  ignorant or provincial in front of people I thought were more sophisticated than me. So how do I calculate a stress number in a situation where  (1) it was worse in the past, (2) I still feel stress in the present, every once in a while, and …

Okay.  This whole scale of 0 – 10 thing?  While I think it can be useful, to quantify feelings or experiences, I sometime stress out about doing it. Why?  Because it can be difficult to translate those things to numbers.

And treaters — including doctors, nurses, and therapists — DO ask that question, like so:

How would you rate that (anxiety, stress, pain, exhaustion, discomfort, depression, etc.) on a scale of 0 – 101?

I was asked a form of that question twice, recently — when I was hospitalized for pneumonia and then before I returned to work.  And in both situations, I started my answer with this:

I never know how to answer that kind of question.

Eventually, I did come up with a number. Then, I had these thoughts about the number:

I wonder if I’m doing this correctly?

I wonder if I’m communicating clearly, in a way that’s going to be helpful for me and the person who asked the question?

I wonder if other people struggle with this?

And I did feel some stress about that.

How much?


Anyway, I could list other stress-related memories and thoughts, right now, and try to communicate in a useful way about them, but I need to get ready to go to the hospital.

Hmmmm.  I actually haven’t communicated clearly what I need to do this morning, since I work at a hospital AND I get medical care at a hospital, too.

I shall be as clear as I can, right now, about my day:

  • At 9 AM, I am getting a stress test, to gain information about how my very unusual heart is reacting to physical exertion these days.
  • At 10:15 AM (approximately), I am receiving the results of my sleep study from March (which I blogged about — in a way people seemed to enjoy — here and here).
  • At 1:30 PM, I need to be back at work, because I’m scheduled to meet with somebody who is interested in joining  my therapy groups.

How much stress do I have about all these things?  Well, I don’t have time to rate, calculate, convert, compare, or otherwise quantify it.  I know there’s stress about this, somewhere.  And some of that stress might be “healthy stress.”

And I don’t have time to define “healthy stress, ” either.

I think it’s time for one of my “antidotes.”

I have all the time I need.

Here’s another one:



Also, when I was looking for that old photo, above, in my media library here, I found several more that helped reduce my stress. Here are a few of them:

IMG_3184 IMG_3235 IMG_3189


Okay!  This post is now good enough AND I can make it better.  How? With some photo(s) I’ve taken recently that would fit, well enough.

Do I have time to do that?  Sure, as long as I don’t write any captions, but just present the photos, like so:




How’s my stress level now?  Well, it’s not zero, because — before I leave — I still want to (1) express gratitude at the end of this post, (2) add some links (even though I think most people won’t click on them), (3) do a spell check, (4) check for typical pre-publishing glitches, (5) publish this, (6) find all the different clothes I need for today’s various activities, and (7) leave with enough time so I’m not rushing (even though I probably won’t feel ready to leave).

So I have some stress, but … maybe it’s the healthy kind!

Thanks, everybody.2

1  Sometimes, the scale is 0 – 100.  Does that make it less (or more) stressful? Not for me.

2 For reading, etc.

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