Day 2339: Fun for the whole fam

When I was at Marshall’s the other day with my fam but not with my fam-ous cell phone, I took this photo with a fam member’s phone:

The next day, I saw this whole fam of snowy egrets having fun close to where I live with my fam.

I didn’t want to disturb the fun of that whole fam, so I hope I got close enough for you to have fun with those photos.

Here are some fun photos of MY fam:


How about sharing a fun photo or story about your fam, below? And remember, it’s your choice who is part of your fam.

Here’s a whole fun song about fam:

Fun thanks for being part of my whole blogging fam, here and now.

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Day 1218: If it isn’t one thing, it’s another

Yesterday, I saw the title of today’s post…


… on the inside of a greeting card.

I agree. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.

Here’s another thing: This morning, my boyfriend Michael said to me, “Guess what Harley and I saw last night?”

I could have guessed any one of these things ..

  1. “Game of Thrones”
  2. Our other cat, Oscar
  3. Cat puke
  4. Computers

… but I guessed another: “Was it an animal?”

It WAS an animal that Michael and Harley saw last night, outside the window.

If it wasn’t any thing I guessed, it was another:

  1. Raccoon
  2. Possum
  3. Groundhog
  4. Bird (correct!)
  5. Big bird (correct!)
  6. Hawk
  7. Owl
  8. Crow
  9. Heron
  10. Swan
  11. Goose
  12. Eagle
  13. Pelican
  14. Penguin
  15. Albatross

At one point, Michael said to me, “You’re going to kick yourself when you guess it.”  I replied, “Believe me. I am not going to kick myself.”

If it isn’t one thing I’ve kicked myself for, it’s another.   Self-judgment has really been an albatross around my neck.  Therefore, I’ve decided to kick myself no more.

Here’s another thing: I DID guess the one thing Michael and Harley saw last night, which was walking down the sidewalk. If you try to guess that one thing, it might be another.

If it isn’t one photo I take for this blog, it’s another. Here are some photos from yesterday:







If it isn’t one person making a pun around here, it’s another.  Last night at Market Basket, after the fish guy gave us more fish than we asked for, he said, “What the hake.”

If it isn’t one thing I’m asking my readers to guess, it’s another.  Which one of the greeting cards shown above had today’s title inside?

If it isn’t one thing I want to do on my vacation week, it’s another.  It’s time to end this post with not one thing but another:



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Day 1194: When you write sentence fragments beginning with the word “When” 

When you read social media these days, have you noticed this new style of writing?

When I read Facebook and lots of people are posting  sentence fragments that begin with the word “When.”

Like that one.

When I write a blog post and feel I need more examples (from Facebook).

When your client asks you to bring your dog to lunch.

When your friend’s kid plays a mini Trump on Conan. Tonight.

When something comes unexpectedly. 😀

When we don’t see each other for a long time and then we do.

When we is excited for friends and food!

When the only letters you get are from the NHS. 😦

When I’m writing my blog posts on my phone because my laptop storage is full.

When I’m planning to go to the Apple Store tomorrow to free up storage.

When I use my photos from yesterday to support the theme of today’s post.

When the first thing  I write on my office whiteboard is a weird match for today’s topic.  
When I draw a t-shirt that illustrates something else we’re discussing in therapy.

When I draw something to show that even when things improve, people still have ups and downs. 
When you attend a lecture at work that’s too close for comfort and you have to leave the auditorium and get some comfort food.  

When you take photos for no apparent  reason and hope your readers like them.  

When WordPress changes the order of your photos for no apparent reason.

When you say to your son, “When you’ve just woken up and your mother is talking to you about her blog.”

When your son is so wonderful  you include a photo you took months ago.   

When you finish a post by expressing gratitude to all.

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Day 945: Yellow

At first, I thought I’d be naming this post

Green and Yellow

… because I saw a lot of green and a lot of yellow yesterday.

Here are some of the greens:




Ahhhh. That was restful. Do you feel as green and renewed, now, as I did yesterday?

Yes, “Green” could easily be a part of my post title today, especially since the last photo I snapped yesterday was of a green cashier who was in training at the green supermarket Whole Foods at Fresh Pond in Cambridge (very close to all those green shots I’d taken earlier). Here is that  wonderfully green  cashier, Helena:

Helena, despite being green, bravely guessed that I was a psychotherapist and that my boyfriend Michael was a professor of Philosophy, just by engaging with us for five minutes. I, a psychotherapist, was green with envy at Helena’s powers of observation and guessing. Although Michael never went to college, he told Helena that an online IQ test  said he should be a “Visionary Philosopher.” I thought both Michael and Helena were the opposite of yellow (which can mean “cowardly”) and, before we left Whole Foods, I sought out Helena’s manager to praise Helena’s green and impressive skills.

Getting back to the point I made, above (when this post was still green), a green reader of this blog might insist that I include “Green” in the title of this post. Indeed, I even have some perfect images for “Green and Yellow”:

… assuming people know that “green” can also mean “money.”

However, I very recently published a post titled “Greens” and non-green readers know that I don’t like repeating myself.

Anyway, here are some more yellows I saw yesterday:

… before my non-green-and-yellow cell phone ran out of power.

It’s occurring to me now that, in  the English language, the word “yellow” doesn’t have a lot of positive connotations. My immediate associations with “yellow” are

  • Cowardly and
  • A “lemon” of a car.

Maybe that’s why I’ve never even considered getting a yellow car, before yesterday. However, this man

… Neran, helped me feel much braver about doing something green and new. Also, when I mentioned to Neran that I was a psychotherapist (even though Neran is less green than Helena, he didn’t guess that about me), I found out that Neran

  • also works with people with mental illness and
  • Neran’s supervisor, for that other job,  is MY long-time and brave supervisor, Ross, from a previous job.

Anyway, perhaps I could tie up this “Yellow” post with a perfect ribbon, but I need to get to work where — among other things — I have to find out if I have really have  the green to buy one of those yellow beauties, above.

Before, I do, what music matches the colors in this post?

How about “Me and the Boys” — performed by redhead Bonnie Raitt — from the album Green Light?

Yellow thanks to Bonnie, Helena, Michael, Neran, and Ross*, to colorful rides everywhere,  to all the boys in my life (including my 17-year-old son, Aaron), to the Fresh Pond area of Cambridge Massachusetts USA, and to you — of course! — for coming along for this green and yellow ride, today.

  • in alphabetical order, because I greenly and yellowly felt like it.
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Day 930: A Super Fun Day

I had a super fun day yesterday.

What would make a day super fun, for you?

Here are two reasons why yesterday was super fun, for me:

  1. I saw my favorite hair artiste ever, Mia (who is super fun to talk to) , at her Watertown, Massachusetts, USA hair salon, where she trimmed my hair and  my  three super-fun, colorful hair extensions.
  2. My boyfriend Michael and I stumbled upon a super fun festival/carnival, where I saw this:

That was actually the final super fun photo I took yesterday, moments before my super fun iPhone died.

Who wants to see more super fun photos?

I’m going to take that as a “Yes,” super fun readers!



As I told Michael yesterday, it doesn’t take much for me to have a super fun day. Indeed, after eating the super fun home made gnocchi (made at somebody’s super fun home, I assume), I engaged in only one super fun carnival activity (pictured above, in a super fun shot). It was, truly, super fun for me.

If any one of you super fun readers guesses that super fun activity, I’ll include a super fun photo that Michael took, in tomorrow’s post.

Is that a super fun deal?

Oh, and here’s a super fun fact about me: I’m afraid of heights.

Here’s some super fun music, which a fun band was playing at that super fun festival/carnival yesterday:

I think that 1950s video of the super fun song “Rockin’ Robin” with Bobby Day is super fun. Do you agree?

Now, I’m off to have another super fun day, including brunch with my super fun friend, Deb.

Super thanks to Mia, to Michael, to MiAlisa Salon, to the St. Mary of Carmen Society, to all those I saw having super fun yesterday, to Bobby Day,  to robins and others who are rockin’, and to you — of course! — for making my day super fun, every time you visit.

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Day 882: Brains

Last night, before my  boyfriend Michael and I left for our weekly food-shopping, I overheard him using his brain to say to Harley …

What is it, my precious pea-brain?

… which got my brain going, like so:

  • Are cats’ brains the size of peas, as Michael has been mentioning since the day I met him?
  • If cats’ brains are the size of peas, does that mean that all the intelligence and soul I see in them is a figment of my own brain?
  • If cats’ brains are the size of peas, what kind of peas are we talking about?


  • If cats’ brains are the size of peas, what vegetable are dogs’ brains the size of?

  • If cats’ brains are the size of peas, what  vegetable are human brains the size of?

Regarding that last question, I’m thinking maybe cauliflower, but I wasn’t brainy enough to get a picture of that last night.

  • If human brains are the size of a large vegetable (not pictured), how do they create and comprehend all the things my brain encountered at the supermarket?





How would you use your human brain to guess what that last item is?

Speaking of human brains, here’s Al, whom we see on Sundays at the supermarket:

Al is always brainy enough to open every carton of eggs, to make sure they’re okay. Last night, I used my brain to ask Al how he uses his brain when he inspects those eggs. Then, Michael and Al used their brains, as follows:

Michael: Here’s how I make sure the eggs here are good, Al.  I lick them.
Al:  You want to know the best way to test eggs? Bounce them off the floor.

At this point, how do you use your brain to comprehend  Michael’s, Al’s and/or my brains? What about your own brain?

Now I need to use my brain, one more time,  to choose a song for today’s brainy post.

Using my brain to look back at this post, I could

from YouTube:

… but my brain has noticed that videos from the brains of certain artists tend to go away, in these posts.

So how about this brainy song?

Now, I have to use my brain:

  • to interact with animals and humans,
  • for my work as a therapist at a Boston hospital, and
  • to prepare for my conference workshop this Saturday about the therapy groups I’ve created with my brain (and my heart).

Brainy thanks to Michael, Al, Harley the cat, Faxy the dog, The Wizard of Oz, peas and brains and hearts of all sizes, artisans and artists known as Prince, cauliflower (not pictured), and you  — of course! — for bringing your brain (and the rest of you) here, today.

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Day 719: Mean girls

The word “mean” has several meanings. Would it mean  I was being  mean if I didn’t list those meanings, but didn’t mean to be mean? Does your meaning of mean include what somebody means to do?

I don’t mean to be mean, but sometimes I am. The mean — and there I mean average — girl, boy, man, or woman is mean sometimes, although individual mean rates may vary.

I wonder if my post title “mean” is mean?  Is the word “girls” mean?

What does any of this mean?

I meant to start this post with yesterday’s visit to  cardiac rehab. What does “cardiac rehab” mean?   I hope it’s not mean if the meaning of “cardiac rehab”  is here,  here, here, here, here, here, here, here,  or here.  (I wonder: what’s the mean number of “here’s” I include in these here posts?) (I also wonder if WordPress is being mean lately or if I’m just not used to some new changes yet. This is what I mean: the mean time it takes me to write my mean or non-mean posts is longer these days, if you know what I mean).

Honestly, I didn’t mean to digress that many times in this  already mean post. (Don’t get me started on my mean number of digressions. That would just be mean.)

There were several mean girls at cardiac rehab, yesterday.

I mean to start with mean Danise:


Does Danise look mean there?  How about here?


Did Danise mean to be mean when she showed me how to do weights yesterday? What’s  the mean number of pounds a mean girl can lift? I did four pounds yesterday.  What does that mean?

Here’s Danise being mean to her mean boss, Kathy:


Mean girl Danise is making fun of Kathy not being able get the meanings of all the mean things all the mean people at cardiac rehab were saying, because Kathy has some trouble hearing, especially when she is wearing stethoscopes in her ears. Isn’t that mean?

In case you don’t know the meaning of “stethoscope,” Kathy is wearing that mean thing around her mean neck.

Here is mean girl Carla:


Carla, among other mean things, told me about some mean girls she met on her first day of middle school. I wonder if those mean girls meant to be mean?

Here’s mean girl Danise, again


and again, with mean patient Michael:


I didn’t mean to take such a blurry photo of  Michael and Danise. I meant to capture how mean they were both being  very quickly, so I could go back to my mean exercises. Michael told me what “Michael” means, in Hebrew:

Who is like God?

Michael meant to include the question mark in the meaning. What did he mean by that? Was that mean?

I didn’t mean to ask so many questions in this mean post, but questions are  a way to make meaning, aren’t they? It would definitely be mean of me, though, to ask you to answer all the questions in this post.

Speaking of mean questions, before I left cardiac rehab to go to work, I asked Danise, “Do I look like a mean girl?” Danise said “yes” and “no.” I guess it depends on

  • the meaning of “mean”
  • my facial expression
  • what I’m wearing
  • and other things, too.

When I got to work,  I asked people

Would you be in my blog post tomorrow, titled “Mean Girls”?

Here are the people who were mean enough to say “yes”:

IMG_3787 IMG_3788 IMG_3789 IMG_3791 IMG_3796  IMG_3798IMG_3802

That’s Jan, Susan, Mark, Michelle, Desirel, and Kathryn (who said, “I don’t want to see the picture!” I wonder what that means?)

Mean girl Jackie was so mean yesterday she insisted on sending me her own photo!


What did that mean?

Here are more mean photos I took, after work, of mean girls, chefs, and other mean things:

IMG_3803 IMG_3805 IMG_3806 IMG_3807 IMG_3809 IMG_3808

In case you don’t know what I mean by “mean” in this post, the mean number of times I’ve used mean today, I actually mean


I mean to end this post with three mean girls, who are outside the mean.

(Carol Burnett singing “Meantime” is found here on mean YouTube)

(If you mean to find Bonnie Raitt playing a mean guitar and singing a live, mean song, go here.)

(Aretha Franklin is being mean about “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” here on YouTube)

I always mean to end my posts with meaningful thanks.

Thanks to Danise, Kathy, Carla, Michael, Jan, Susan, Mark, Michele, Desirel, Kathryn, Jackie, Carol, Bonnie, and Aretha,* and all the mean and non-mean girls, boys, men, and women everywhere who make my life more meaningful by reading my mean posts.

That means you.

*I always think it mean if I forget a name or spell it wrong. Do you know what I mean?

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Day 673: Let’s Move/Time of the Season

It’s the time of the season for me to think about moving.  Moving faster while I’m walking, because it’s cold outside. Moving (many seasons from now) away from my beloved hometown of Boston, because it gets so cold for so many months around here.

And just in time for the cold weather yesterday, both of these tunes came to play:

(Pat Metheny’s “Let’s Move” found here on YouTube)

(Kurt Elling and Cassandra Wilson moving through “Time of the Season” found here on YouTube)

Imagine my hearing those songs as I moved yesterday, as fast as I could, through the freezing wind on my walk through Boston. If you’re moved to listen to either of those, do they move you?  I, personally, found that music very warming.

Let’s move back in time, just a little. Here’s what I saw minutes before I started that cold walk yesterday, during this time of the season:

IMG_1717 IMG_1722 IMG_1728

Notice how the door of that garage where I park my car every work day has moved? When I asked about that, the answer was, “It’s coooooold in here.”

As I moved to work on my walk yesterday, I considered taking more photos, but it was too coooooold for me to stop.

As we move on to winter, yesterday’s cold will feel like …. warmth.

Let’s move on to more pleasant matters, shall we?  This evening, I’ll be moving westward to Worcester, Massachusetts, USA.


Yes, after I move to vote, somehow, in the yearly election today and also move through a full day at work, I’ll be watching these people move tonight:


It’s the time of the season for me to see some of my favorite dancers from one of my favorite TV shows.

(10 of the dancers I’m going to see tonight, here on YouTube)

They sure can move, can’t they? Also, it moved me, this morning, to hear the word “care” in the introduction.

Another warming thought for me: As the days move further into cold, I get to see Pat Metheny and Antonio Sanchez, at the same Worcester venue, in less than two weeks!

What else do I want to say about “Let’s Move” in this season (or any other season)?

At work and elsewhere, people are moving in lots of different directions. The best I can do is notice, be honest about what I see, and be clear about ways that I want to move.

Let’s take a moment and breathe.


Let’s move!

Thanks to all who move, in their own way (including you!).

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Day 669: Spontaneous

Today, I’m writing spontaneously. While I thought about possible topics, yesterday, for today’s  post, I decided to pick this title at the last minute and just see what happens.

While some people might call that

… doing something spontaneously, without planning, can be fun!

Now, I would like to spontaneously link to other posts I’ve written that have “fun” in the title.  Here they are:

  1. Day 248: Random thoughts on fun,
  2. Day 416: Fun with Phobias,
  3. Day 417: Fun with Phobias, Part II,
  4. Day 443: Fun with labels,
  5. Day 496: Fun with Phobias (Part III*), and last (and perhaps least relevant)
  6. Day 516: One possible function of anxiety (dreams).

I love lists, so here’s another one I’m including here, spontaneously, of things that happened while I was creating that first list, above:

  1. I had fun with it.
  2. I was hoping that people would click on those links to my prior posts, since I think they’re all good enough to read.
  3. I’m being brave enough to finally use the “new”method of creating posts today.
  4. As I was about to add the last item in the list, this post disappeared — poof!
  5. I didn’t panic.
  6. I patiently tried to find it.
  7. I decided the post was lost forever and I was prepared to re-create this post, from the beginning.
  8. I found the original draft of this post.

I just tried to link to the last number in that list, but WordPress wouldn’t let me.  That’s okay. I can link to that number, now:


I was thinking of writing


right there, because I get upset, sometimes, when I’m trying to use something new and can’t figure it out and make a mistake and panic a little, but I thought better of it.

Yesterday, in my work as a psychotherapist and in my life as a human being, I encountered people who had trouble dealing with anger. I’m often not sure what to do with my own anger, either. (I seem to be okay dealing with other people’s anger spontaneously, even though I may fear it in advance.)

My best advice about anger, these days, is

  • own your anger (as well as your other feelings)
  • express your anger in a way that works for you, rather than bottling it up

Before I proceed with THAT list (which I started spontaneously without knowing where it would end), I’d like see what Google Images has for “bottling it up.”

Eeek!  I just lost track of this post, again, when I came back from “Google Images.” I couldn’t find it anywhere.  However, this time, I remembered the process for restoring this post that worked for me before, so I spontaneously did NOT panic. I’m hoping I can learn from this experience to make my post-creation process, next time, smoother and easier.

Where was I?  Oh, yes!  Showing you Google Images for “Bottling it Up.”

Oh!  I just found the earlier draft of this post.  I just didn’t see it before, because I had too many tabs open. You’ll just have to believe me, though, that the first draft totally disappeared.

I just spontaneously closed a lot of those open tabs, so I can more easily keep track of things as I’m writing this post.

Where was I? Oh, yes!  Google Images for “bottling it up”:


(Image found here)

Bottling_up_Emotions_by_jDoopliss (1)

(Image found here)

Spontaneously, I’m deciding that those are enough Google Images, for today. I feel more comfortable using my own images, since I own those.

But what image(s), of my own, should I include in this post?

I could show you some photos I just had to stop and spontaneously take yesterday, on my way to work:

IMG_1590 IMG_1592 IMG_1598

I could show you a portion of the whiteboard from the therapy group I did last night (making sure to keep strict confidentiality):


I DEFINITELY want to show you the photo I took this morning, right before my son left for school, of two pieces of required equipment he had chosen for today, Halloween:


Have fun trying to figure THAT out.

Before I spontaneously press “Publish” to send this post out into the world, what feels left out, for me?

Music! But what piece of music fits today’s post?

Do YOU have any ideas about that?

Even if you do,  that’s not going to help me now.

Here’s the tune that’s rattling around in my head (and has been, since I rediscovered it while writing this here post). And since I primarily write these posts for ……


… posting this video, spontaneously, here, will give ME easier access to it.

(This time, I’m linking to just that performance, which I LOVE, of “In France They Kiss on Main Street” with Joni Mitchell, Pat MethenyJaco Pastorius, and Lyle Mays, rather than linking to the whole concert — which I LOVE — as I did in that previous post.)

Okay! I’ve

  • included words, images and music here,
  • had some breakfast, while writing this,
  • managed to avoid my hands being gnawed by one of my cats, while I’m typing this,
  • left enough time to get ready for work, where I have to write something spontaneously that’s due today ….

… so I think those are reasons enough to publish this post NOW.

One more thing: Thanks to EVERYBODY.

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