Day 3065: Family members

As more and more of my family members are getting vaccinated, I am now spending more time with them. Yesterday, I attended a surprise graduation party for my husband Michael’s sister Lydia, who was the Salutatorian — the student who ranked second highest in a graduating class of 1000! At the party, we family members watched Lydia’s virtual, on-line graduation ceremony, which included her talking about family members in a pre-taped interview.

Earlier in the day, I had posted a question about family members on Twitter.


Some of my Twitter “family members” had interesting replies:


I am not more judgmental of Michael’s family members, as I hope you can see in the photos I took yesterday at his brother John’s house (which always gives me lots of material for this blog).

Congratulations to my sister-in-law and Salutatorian Lydia, a sweet, wonderful, and accomplished family member.

Here’s “The Family Song” from Sesame Street:

What do my blogging “family members” have to say about this post?

This family member is grateful for all her family members, including YOU.

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Day 2339: Fun for the whole fam

When I was at Marshall’s the other day with my fam but not with my fam-ous cell phone, I took this photo with a fam member’s phone:

The next day, I saw this whole fam of snowy egrets having fun close to where I live with my fam.

I didn’t want to disturb the fun of that whole fam, so I hope I got close enough for you to have fun with those photos.

Here are some fun photos of MY fam:


How about sharing a fun photo or story about your fam, below? And remember, it’s your choice who is part of your fam.

Here’s a whole fun song about fam:

Fun thanks for being part of my whole blogging fam, here and now.

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