Day 3541: Peace

Peace to you, dear readers, on this precious day. Let’s start this Peace piece with a definition and some quotes.


Can you find peace in any of my images for today?


Here’s “Peace Piece” by Bill Evans.


Peace and thanks to everyone, including YOU.

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Day 3503: Timeless

Do you have time, here and now, to read a timeless definition and timeless quotes?


Last night, after watching the movie One Night in Miami… and thinking about this timeless Sam Cooke song


… I asked this question on Twitter:

Several of the timeless lyrics had to do with time, including “Time in a Bottle” and “Yesterday.” I guess time is timeless.

While writing this “Timeless” post, I am very aware of the passage of time, and it’s exactly one year since we drove to Maine to pick up our shelter cat Joan and bring her home.

What’s timeless in my other images for today?

I just spent $20 dollars on a harness and leash for Joan so she can spend time outdoors. I hope she enjoys it.

I look forward to your timeless comments, below, and timeless thanks to all who take the time to visit this blog, including YOU!

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Day 3501: Social media

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re all engaging in social media now. Here are some definitions and quotes about social media:


I am now going to steal your time and contribute to my own digital footprint and personal brand. Ready?

Am I being an asshole on social media if I think that “Check with local organizations for dates near you” is funny in a description of National Night Out Day?

Social thanks to all who follow me on social media, including you!

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Day 3487: Ataraxy

Ataraxy, as I found out via email yesterday, means “a state of serene calmness.”


Attaining ataraxy is difficult in today’s world, but do you find ataraxy in any of my images for today?


I shall do my best attempting ataraxy on National Get Gnarly Day, because what else can I do?

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “ataraxy.”


Maybe they didn’t get the email.

I’m hoping for ataraxy for all, including YOU.

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Day 3465: Resignation

The word “resignation” has two different meanings.


When I looked up “resignation” just now, the definition page coincidentally included a news story about resignations.

I look at the news with resignation lately and do you see resignation in my other images for today?


If I search YouTube for “resignation” I’m resigned to finding mostly videos about Boris Johnson’s resignation, so here are two tunes I was listening to yesterday.

What are your thoughts and feelings about this “resignation” post?

I’m so grateful to blog every day for you, so there are no plans for resignation here!

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Day 3442: Surprising

It’s not surprising to regular readers of this blog that I’m starting out this post with a definition of “surprising.”

It’s surprising to me how limited that definition is, so here is a definition of “surprise”:

The bell-ringing part of that definition is surprising to me — who knew bell-ringing has its own nomenclature?

It’s surprising to me how insecure I can be about whether I’m using the right word, like “nomenclature.”

Phew! I was surprisingly accurate.

All of these things are surprising to me, here and now:

  • Using three definitions in one blog post (a personal record for me),
  • The people who are testifying against Trump in the hearings about the January 6 USA insurrection,
  • How many people are not using the word “insurrection,”
  • How people seem so sure that the Republicans are going to take the House and/or the Senate in the November 2022 midterm elections, and
  • That people here are so appreciative of the photos and images I share.

Do you see anything surprising in today’s images?


There’s often something surprising in the list of National Days, don’t you think?

This is the first thing that comes up on YouTube when I search for “surprising”:

I wonder what will be surprising in the comments section, below.

Surprising thanks to all my surprising readers, including YOU!

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Day 3430: Keeping Up

I’m having trouble keeping up with many things these days, including

  • changes in technology,
  • the news, and
  • responding to all the wonderful people who engage with me through social media (here and on Twitter).

Let’s see if I’m keeping up with the latest definition of “keeping up.”

Keeping up with the first definition and with my role as a psychotherapist, I keep telling people not to keep comparing themselves with others, because that keeps them feeling bad about themselves. If you want to keep up with definitions of comparisons and other cognitive distortions (which I keep calling “automatic and unhelpful thoughts), I’m keeping those definitions here.

I’m keeping up with blogging every day by sharing my thoughts, my feelings, and the photos and other captured images I’m keeping up on my phone (which may explain why my phone is slowing down and having trouble keeping up with me these days) (but that’s not keeping me up at night).

Do you see keeping up in my images for today?

Today I’ll be keeping up with the National Days by seeking out my favorite flavor of ice cream, Rocky Road. Keeping up with National Leave the Office Early Day is challenging, since Thursdays I work late until 8, but I’m working from home (which I keep doing, except for Mondays, when I’m keeping up with work at the hospital).

Keeping up with the theme of irresistible dance music, here’s “Everybody Walk the Dinosaur” by Was (Not Was).

If you comment below, I’ll try keeping up with you by answering as soon as I can.

I’m keeping up with my tradition of taking photos of thank you’s so I can express my gratitude every day for all those who are keeping up with me, including YOU.

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Day 3346: Consciousness

Thanks to my friend and hairstylist, Mia, I’m reading this wonderful book about consciousness.

Michael A. Singer describes consciousness as “pure awareness” — the part of you that is observing your thoughts, emotions, and internal and external experiences.

Here’s a dictionary definition of “consciousness.”

I’m conscious of the fact that since I’ve started reading “The Untethered Soul,” I’m more in touch with my consciousness, calmness, clarity, and joy.

What does your consciousness tell you about the other images in today’s blog?

My consciousness is aware that there is a lot going on, outside of me and inside of me. And I can’t help but wonder about a day that seems to celebrate being unconscious in public spaces.

I’m working at home today without a break from 9 – 5, so I doubt I’ll be losing consciousness at my desk.

Here’s what I find when I search for “consciousness Michael A. Singer” on YouTube:

My consciousness is aware that I am not my thoughts, feelings, or this message on the side of a carton of sour cream:

Thanks to all who have consciousness here and now, including YOU!

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Day 3339: Soulmates

Today’s post is inspired by The Daily Bitch, who is often a soulmate of mine:

You don’t have to worry about finding definitions on this blog, so here’s one for soulmate:

I like how that definition implies that you can have more than one soulmate, because I’ve had several in my long life. One thing I’ve had in common with all my soulmates: laughter. has many quotes about soulmates, including these:

Here’s a video that starts out with me talking to my soulmate Michael about the behaviors of our cats, who may or not be soulmates.

Do you see soulmates in any of my other images for today?

I wonder if Abraham Lincoln and I would have been soulmates.

Here’s “Soul Mates” by Grant Nicholas.

What are your thoughts and feelings about soulmates?

I am very grateful for all my soulmates and for you!

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Day 3328: Ideaphoria

In the 1980’s, when I was trying to find a career that was a good match for my abilities and interests, I took a series of aptitude tests at Johnson O’Connor and discovered that I scored very high in ideaphoria. Do you have any idea what ideaphoria means?

Do you see the capacity for creative thought or imagination in the images for today?

The people who create all those the National Days and the Daily Bitch Calendar seem to have ideaphoria.

Here’s what I find on YouTube when I search for “ideaphoria”:

I also find this:

Do you have any ideas about this ideaphoria post? If so, feel free to express your ideas in the comments section, below.

I also have gratitudephoria, so many thanks to all who help me create this daily blog, including YOU!

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