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Day 2589: Why we love weddings

Why we love weddings is the topic of the online article “Science Reveals the Age-Old Secret of Why We Love Weddings So Much” which includes these quotes: “When there’s a bit of uncertainty in the world,” Norton toldĀ Mic, “looking for a little bit of order is something humans like to do. It could be by […]

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Day 2611: Do you dream?

Do you dream? I dream and last week I dreamt that I was supposed to give a talk that day about a Tom Hanks movie that was similar to the movie “Big” in that he was a child trapped in the body of an adult but it wasn’t “Big” and I couldn’t remember the name […]

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Day 2605: I’m so done

Yesterday, after I was so done creating my daily blog post and reading the latest news, I decided “I’m so done” with politics as usual, war, worry, paralyzing fear, insomnia, shame, guilt, personalization, catastrophizing, assumptions, negativity, and other unhelpful thoughts. I searched the internet for “I’m so done” and found these: Apparently, I’m not the […]

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Day 2601: Lost and Found

Six years ago, on Valentine’s Day, I wrote another “Lost and Found” post, “dedicated to my boyfriend/inamorato/whatever Michael.” I’ve lost the need to use those words to describe Michael since we found ourselves calling each other husband and wife on December 27, 2019. Yesterday, I realized I had lost my wallet when I was at […]

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Day 2594: I just called

I just called this post, in its first draft, “Just Another Ordinary Day,” which is a lyric from “I Just Called to Say I Love You,” by Stevie Wonder: But when I heard that Stevie Wonder song in my earmuff/headphones yesterday, it was NOT just another ordinary day. It was New Year’s Day, which I […]

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Day 2592: New Year’s Eve

For a long time, my New Year’s Eve tradition has been to compile  a list of my personal ten best and worst of the year. This year’s best includes my son Aaron (top of the list for the 22nd year in a row!), my 12/27 wedding to Michael, my friends, my therapy groups (which include […]

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Day 2590: Clouds

While I’ve been in the clouds about my December 27th wedding to Michael, I’ve also been noticing clouds, including these: What do those clouds look like to you? Do you see a unicorn? a dragon? a face? hope? threats? something else? What does this look like to you? Some people have been like dark clouds […]

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