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Day 2553: Why we love weddings

Why we love weddings is the topic of the online article “Science Reveals the Age-Old Secret of Why We Love Weddings So Much” which includes these quotes: “When there’s a bit of uncertainty in the world,” Norton told Mic, “looking for a little bit of order is something humans like to do. It could be by […]

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Day 3000: Three Thousand Days of Blogging!

To celebrate my 3000th day of blogging, I am going to post a few typical photos. A seascape near where I live. A delicious and nutritious meal prepared by my husband Michael. A cat! The Daily Bitch Calendar for this momentous and precious day. Here are links to some blog posts from those 3000 days: […]

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Day 2552: We

Over the past seven years, I have written many blog posts with “We” in the title, including: Day 26: What we can and cannot change Day 103: We don’t have feelings until we’re ready for them Day 118: We really don’t know how we affect other people Day 130: The more we let go of […]

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Day 777: Update panic

Update: Santa Monica, California. February 16, 2015. Dear Readers, I am having multiple cases of Update Panic, right now. Wait!  I need to update this blog post, already.  What IS Update Panic? And how can I have multiple cases of a mental and/or physical disorder that perhaps I just made up? Arrghh! Now I need […]

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Day 395: Confetti Confessions

I confess. I think about confetti a lot. So it’s not surprising that confetti has shown up in this blog before, in Day 321: The gift of mortality: in  Day 307: Beautiful, healing Boston: and, in Day 185: Airing things out: 1 Let’s find a definition of confetti, shall we? From Oxford Dictionaries: confetti Syllabification: con·fet·ti NOUN […]

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