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Day 2379: Weirdness

When I search for “weirdness” in this blog, Weird WordPress tells me that weirdness exists in 2 out of my 2378-odd posts, a weirdness percentage of only 0.08%. Since I look for weirdness (in addition to looking for love),   I would have expected a much higher weirdness percentage. Nevertheless, as always, the weirdness in me […]

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Day 2406: Everybody’s somebody’s _____

Last night, I sang my latest original song — “Everybody’s Somebody’s A–hole” — at the Jam’n Java Open Mic in Arlington, Massachusetts. Everybody’s somebody’s support, hero, star, community, mess, weirdness, pest, baggage, and gift. Everybody’s somebody’s … teammate, proud partner, ninja, angel, fear, trigger, time off, safety, news, danger, clickbait, health, illness, stillness, trip, and talented […]

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Day 2330: Visitors may catch a glance

Yesterday, when I was catching a glance of millions of things, I noticed this sign: It was not a summer’s day, but I’m always looking to catch a glance of snowy egrets, as you shall see at a glance. I also caught a glance of this t-shirt but not the glance of the owner. That […]

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Day 1311: Weird

It’s weird.  When I look at the weird photos I took yesterday, I have weirdly little to say about them. Did I take those weird photos because they looked weird? I felt weird? I think weird? I like weird? It’s weird that I’m writing about these weird photos without showing them to you. Maybe I’m […]

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